Month: August 2020

Preparing For Your Child’s Hypospadias Repair

Your baby boy can be born with meatus in any place other than at the penis’ tip which. Normally, the hole is supposed to be at the tip. The condition is what is referred to as hypospadias. The condition which is detected after birth is very common. The condition is only about the meatus, but […]Read More

Am I a Suitable Candidate For LASIK Surgery in Singapore?

If you are dreaming of perfect vision, you can always choose to go for laser eye correction such as LASIK surgery. As its name suggests, LASIK uses laser technology to reshape your cornea and help you regain your vision. This might come as a surprise to you but not everyone are suitable for LASIK surgery […]Read More

The Powerful Benefits and Simple Methods of Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is considered to be among the easiest meditation forms practiced. Besides evoking the stillness in you, meditation mantras have a myriad of benefits on one’s body, mind, and spirit. Though it involves focusing one’s attention on a mantra, other activities are required, such as face relaxation, mental concentration, facial or bodily gestures, visualizing, […]Read More

How to unblock Instagram using Instagram Proxies

Instagram is being widely used today in many countries. It has been a common social media application to be found in every person’s smartphones these days. Instagram bans or blocks thousands of accounts each day for various reasons. And sometimes it not only just blocks the accounts but also flags the IP address through which […]Read More

Oracle to MySQL: The new age migration of database  

  Oracle and MySQL with RDMBS belong in the group of programming and authoritative API tools. Oracle is notorious for its high cost of proprietorship to obtain a limiting authorizing approach. But with MySQL, there is minimal prohibitive permit because of its ‘open source’ nature. For this reason, many companies are gravitating towards MySQL instead […]Read More

Is It Time to Repair or Replace Your Home’s Plumbing?

Considering a reparation or a complete replacement of your plumbing system can seem like a stressful endeavor. To make it easier, let’s break it down. There are three things you want to examine to determine whether your next step is to replace, or repair. Three Determinants of Plumbing Quality Home Age Pipe Material Imminent or […]Read More