Paul Petersen

5 features that make the Finn Juhl Chair unique!

The Finn Juhl Chair – aka Model 45 chair – is a modern masterpiece, and was architect Juhl’s best foray into furniture designing. The style and legacy of this chair remain a precedent for modern designers even to this day. So, to look back and reminisce, here are 5 features that make this chair so […]Read More

Where can get the best legal document translation?

Nowadays translation is one of the most wanted processes and this process is available under the low cost. The legal document translation can be done in a short time with more perfection. Day by day several people are started to utilize it and they are all giving positive feedback about it. Everyone must try it for getting […]Read More

Ready to purchase a new furnace? Here’s how

  Finding ways to stay warm while it’s cold outside is natural. The last thing you want is to be sitting around your home freezing because your furnace isn’t working, but should that happen, here’s how you can purchase a new one. Picking out a furnace isn’t as easy as driving up to a clothing […]Read More