Bristol Crime Stats During the Lockdown

 Bristol Crime Stats During the Lockdown

The coronavirus has left the world under lockdown and Bristol is no stranger to the lockdown. Avon and Somerset Police have reported over 10,000 breaches during the lockdown. The chief constable of the department has been following the matter to ensure that fines are handed out if rules are broken. Since everyone is at home, the rates for most incidents have gone down. There as much as 40 percent fewer burglaries ever since the lockdown came into effect. However, this does not mean that businesses should stop investing in Bristol Security.

Bristol Police Has Only Attended Half of the Reported Cases

Even though more than 10,000 breaches have been reported so far, the police have only attended half of them which clearly shows the importance of Security in Bristol at present. The police department has an application that is updated every hour. It tells them about all the breaches during that time. Formal enforcement action is taken when the lawbreakers do not listen.

Enforcement Notices Issued

Over 143 enforcement notices have been since the lockdown which does not seem like a lot since the public is taking extra precautions. Public support for the police has been growing since everyone understands the difficult job they are doing to keep everything in order. Thus, a stronger bond has been created.

Domestic Abuse

One of the main concerns of the police is that of domestic abuse during the pandemic. Although people are told to stay at home, not everyone has a safe space. There has been a national campaign to let people know that anyone facing domestic abuse at home should immediately leave and get support.


Business owners have been concerned about burglaries However, the rate of burglaries has fallen drastically by as much as 40 percent which is a good sign. As for other crime types, the rate has also gone down by 30 percent.

Support for the NHS

The police force is making sure to provide support to NHS caretakers and staff. It is important to be there for the community in times of need.

Shift to Online Breaches

Residents of Bristol have shifted to reporting breaches online. This has made it a lot easier for the police to analyze the breaches and report accordingly. The cops are more visible than ever before and are not sitting idle to ensure that the lockdown guidelines are followed. Due to the guidelines enforcing social distancing, it is impacting the number of crimes. As the movement of people has fallen significantly, it has helped the police keep things under control. The police are more visible which is helping reduce the rate of crime in Bristol and across the United Kingdom.

Deployment of Officers

Officers and PCSOs are being deployed to proactively handle hotspots and ensure that formal enforcement action is taken against those that break the law.


Bristol crime stats during the lockdown have been positive. However, it is important for residents and businesses alike to take precautions.