3 Places In Albania Where To Visit

 3 Places In Albania Where To Visit

If you are visiting Albania for the very first time, the first question that would strike you is the places in Albania where to visit. Some of the amazing places where you can visit and take the full fun of the scenic beauty and the unique architectures of Albania are discussed below. A trip to Albania is always incomplete if one is not able to visit these three places and taste the delicacies of the country. Durres, Sarabde admnd Berat are the few places that a tourist cannot overlook or avoid. There are other places as well, but if you are in a hurry, then at least visit these three.

  1. Durres

Durres is a beautiful place which was once upon a time the capital city of Albania, however, it lost that title due to some reasons. It is not very far from Tirana and is very crowded in the summers. Its pleasant weather in the summer makes tourists flock to this place for its scenic beauty. Being the largest port in Adriatic, it is often too congested. However, the beach in Durres is a gift to the locals of the area as it attracts a lot of tourists. Apart from the beachside, it is also the house of many restaurants selling delicious food items. It is one of the Albania where to visit places.

  1. Sarande

Sarande is located just on the Ionian sea. The weather is warm all throughout the year and has amazing sparkling seawater which would remind the visitors of the sparkling wine. The life in Sarande is fun and exciting.  The locals live a very relaxed life here. Although it is a bit overdeveloped, one can take a nice evening walk through the roads, and spend their time in one of the many bars located there. If you are looking for peace, Sarande in Albania is definitely one of the places in Albania where to visit.

  1. Berat

Berat is another town that has attracted tourists for its amazing castles, the Gorica bridge, and the museum. These are the main attractions of the town. The houses have a unique architecture as most of them follow the Ottoman Style of house-building. This helps them to stand out of the crowd and give a unique look with a positive vibe. It is considered as one of the popularly called as the “city of thousand windows”.  It is perfect for those who love the hills. It has a scenic beauty with a rich heritage and this is what makes it an ideal place for tourists. Worrying about the places in Albania where to visit? Worry not and visit Albania.