3 Surefire Methods to Improve Your Businesses Customer Service

 3 Surefire Methods to Improve Your Businesses Customer Service

We all know that the “customer is always right” and that keeping our customers happy should be one of the main focuses of our business. After all, a happy customer leads to more customers down the line as studies have shown that close to 80% of happy customers will recommend a company to friends and family.

Further studies show that a similar percentage of customers actually value the service and experience they have with a company more than they do the actual products or the prices involved.

So, it is pretty clear that you should be focusing on providing the best customer service. We have provided a few tips below that you can use to improve the current standard of the customer support you are providing.

Ask Your Customers for Feedback

How will you ever know if your customers are happy with the support you provide if you never ask them? Give them the ability to provide feedback whether through surveys sent to their email address, a simple yes and no question in messengers such as “Were you happy with the assistance you received today”, or even through telephone surveys.

Furthermore, you need to provide your customers with proper portals to file complaints. YOu will learn more about what is making your customers unhappy and thus allow you to make the required changes.

Consider Using a Chatbot for Repetitive Tasks

Employing customer service agents is not cheap, but they are very important to have for many aspects of customer support. However, do you really need to pay somebody to deal with easily automated tasks such as order tracking or answering frequently asked questions? A chatbot can perform those tasks just as well as a human and possibly even better because a bot never gets bored, loses focus, or struggles with doing the same things over and over.

This saves you some money and allows you to use your human support agents on much more important areas where customers expect to speak to a real person. All you need to do is find a provider that create chatbot technology that would perfectly suit the needs of your business.

Provide Incentives to Your Support Team

You could have the best customer support agents in the world, but if you do not reward them for a job well done, performance levels are destined to drop. As much as you want to make your customers happy, keeping your customer service team happy is just as important.

You could offer incentives for the top performing representatives, or set achievable targets that earn gifts or bonuses. Either will help to keep your team motivated, focused, and happy in their job.

Final Thoughts

Any business that keeps their customers happy is on to a winning formula and one that will keep them successful as long as they maintain the high standards they have already set. One of the main goals of your business should be towards keeping your customers happy enough to return and to bring friends and family with them.

Paul Watson