3 Unexpectedly Cool Gadgets

 3 Unexpectedly Cool Gadgets

There are so many gadgets released every day and day-by-day they are becoming even more innovative. Nowadays, gadgets play a significant role in our lives as they simplify most of our daily tasks. Why are gadgets so essential throughout our lives? First of all, gadgets help us to enhance our levels of efficiency. Briefly, all these technologies have completely revolutionized our ways of traveling, communication, working as well as living.

On the other hand, gadgets are also extremely compact. Computers that barely fit in a room 60 years ago can be now fit in a small smartphone that has a hundred other functions, and can be easily held in one hand. In addition, gadgets can also promote creativity and innovation. So it is important to get gadgets that will help you improve your life quality. Here are three gadgets that are very cool but you would not expect them to be! 

  1. A Temperature Controlled Mug

Morning coffee is extremely valuable for most people, however, you do not always have time to make yourself coffee in the morning and drink it at home. What you can do instead is make your coffee and take it with you to work. Not only will this help you to be more alert and more productive during work, your coffee will also stay hot for a long period of time. Temperature controlled mugs are not particularly expensive, yet, they are very useful in everyday life and will allow you to use fewer plastic cups which is also better for the environment.

On the other hand, you can use these tools to keep drinks cool in the hot summer weather and they are very useful while traveling. 

  1. A Heads Up Display

A Heads Up Display car device is a great tool for drivers. These gadgets have first come forward in 2014 as pre-installed car features and were mainly used to display vital information about the vehicle to make driving more convenient. However, as time went on HUD car gadgets have also improved immensely. A Heads Up Display can be connected to a smartphone easily and, by doing this, the driver can track phone calls, text messages, music as well as their navigation application. This information is accessed easier as the gadget is in the drivers’ line of view and they don’t have to get distracted. On the other hand, all of the information can be managed without any difficulty with simple hand gestures. 

  1. A Small At-home Planter

Having plants in your house can be very beneficial. Not only do plants decrease toxins in the air, they also usually increase mood, productivity, reduce stress as well as fatigue. To many people, plants are very therapeutic, however, for most people, they are also extremely high maintenance. At-home planters are wonderful gadgets if you want to keep plants but are not sure whether you can maintain them. Many of these smart planter water the plant for you, measure temperature, exposure to light and many other characteristics to help keep the plant alive.

Clare Louise