5 ways to have a better sex life

 5 ways to have a better sex life

Did you know that sex is one of the best stress-busters because it lowers your blood pressure and calms you down. Undoubtedly, sex is one of the most important parts of our lives. It is meant to bring unparalleled pleasure and happiness in our lives. For this reason, it is imperative to keep your sex life happy and frequently to lift the mood and excite the body.

Here are some of the ways in which you can have a better sex life:

  1. Indulge in morning sex:

Having sex in the morning can help you in numerous ways. For starters, it will lift your mood and enhance blood flow in your body that will provide a natural flushed look throughout the day. Along with that, it lowers blood pressure as well. Basically, morning sex is as good as a 15 mins round of yoga in the morning by instantly boosting your mood and energizing you for the day ahead. Starting your day with a good mood is a good idea any day, and morning sex can prove to be the motivation you need for the rest of the day. You can top it up with breakfast in bed and give it a perfect start to the day.

  1. Bring more excitement:

Having sex the usual way, even with your lover, does tend to get monotonous and boring after some time. It is not that you don’t like having sex anymore, but maybe you don’t enjoy the activity as much as you did initially. This will impact not only your mood, but also your partner’s since they might be thinking that you are not enjoying it with them anymore. To avoid this, you can start adding new and exciting positions to your sexual life. You can search for the best sex positions and try them and see what suits your relationship the best. Maybe you will end up finding something exciting that you both enjoy, which will add a touch of spice to your monotonous sex life.

  1. Share your fantasies:

It is normal to feel shy about your fantasies, and a long phase of boring sex can lead to pent up aspirations and a need for excitement. This will only lead to more frustration between you both. Try to build up new fantasies, and don’t be shy to implement them with your partner. He/She is your partner because they want to be with you, and they will respect your fantasies and deep desires. This will build love between you and bring you closer by giving you a deep understanding of each other.

  1. Don’t back down:

Fixing the right time to have sex is one of the most common mistakes people commit. It is a feeling and should not be scheduled. The fun is lost, and so is the spark. Be spontaneous and don’t overthink it.

Having good sex can literally turn your whole life around and impact every facet of your life, which is an overall benefit to you.


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