Paul Petersen

Most Productive Things to Do While at Home

Who would have thought on the New Year’s Eve of 2020, that the 1st quarter of this year will be so devastating? Due to the recent worldwide outbreak of coronavirus, the government of various countries has imposed total lockdown. This is the preventive measure to break the chain and spread of coronavirus. Until any vaccine […]Read More

Techniques Which Can Make One Famous on Instagram

Instagram quickly outgrew its first impression as a fun app for kids and has become a tool for individuals and brands to build serious content marketing, selling, networking and audience. It’s one of the planet’s most popular social networking sites, with more than 200 million active monthly users posting 60 million photos and 1.6 billion […]Read More

Tips for the Correct Golf Swing

Golf is one of the most interesting and challenging sports out there. While the goal is to put the ball in the hole with as few strokes as possible, the biggest key to making this happen is to have the correct golf swing. When it comes to improving the golf swing, there are a few […]Read More

The Best Torrent Sites for Italian Users – Safe and

The internet is a digital space where Italian users can freely access any content they want. Sadly, these freedoms and conveniences are being hampered by the EU’s sharp crackdown on torrent sites. Torrent sites enable users to get access to valuable content. Yet, several of them are blocked, forced to work with slow connections or […]Read More

Current Trends that Will Likely Survive the Outbreak

According to the History Channel, the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 infected an estimated 500 million people – around a third of the planet’s population then. It killed around 20 to 50 million people – some 675,000 of those were American. It has been called the deadliest pandemic in history. Aside from the heavy tolls that pandemic […]Read More

SEO Tactics that Still Work Today

SEO changes every single day. The little changes stack up as we attempt to keep up with them. Still, there are a few SEO tactics that have been working for a long time and still work today. Following these tactics can give you that boost you need to stay on top for a long period […]Read More

What You Need to Know About Contract Lawyers

If you haven’t heard of the term before, you might be wondering what a contract lawyer is. Putsimply, they’re a legal professional who drafts, manages and executes contracts between parties. A contract is a written document that outlines the details and terms of an agreement between two persons or entities. There are also contracts that […]Read More

The Most Expensive Homes in Los Angeles

Real estate is often heralded as the ultimate investment. If there’s one thing you can trust, it’s that every billionaire has a ridiculous house. When such billionaires choose to reside in Los Angeles, they build mega-mansions that leave jaws dropped and eyes dazzled. Forrealtors who’ve just completed their time at a real estate school in […]Read More