Can’t Get Enough Of Fishing?

 Can’t Get Enough Of Fishing?

Do you love to fish, and I mean really fish? Whether it is offshore, onshore, in a canoe, in the river or on a dock, there is nothing like it. It also doesn’t matter if you catch to eat, or catch and release. It is relaxing and all the while fun and exhilarating too.

There are so many different ways to fish too. Once you learn the art of one way, you must learn another way. Learning to use the correct pole, with the right string, reel, bait, lure, or in some cases, your hand, is fun. It’s just like a game or sport. There is always something new to learn and a great challenge. There is river fishing, lake, ocean, bay, and Gulf fishing. Each one with their own challenges. There is surf fishing, fly fishing, recreational, sport, and more. They are big and little fish in all waters, so there is always a challenge for you to seek.

Here is a list of five different fishing trips that every angler needs to try, all across America. #1 The East Coast has always been known for good fishing. You can rent a boat, go on a charter, or relax on the beach to do some great Surf fishing. Depending on what of the year it is, will make your choice of fish. Whether it is flounder, fluke, bluefish, mackerel, or further South Grouper, or for an ultimate challenge, Sailfish. The lore of the saltwater, beaches, and good seafood calls you to the East Coast.

#2, Head West young man! Seek gold, Golden trout that is. Head to the Great continental divide, in Wyoming, at The Wind River Range, home to over 1300 lakes. Here you will find the gold. Go Northwest to Grand Teton, to go on the hunt for the elusive big brown trout. Try your luck at fly fishing, which is an art.

#3 The flooded forest is next. It was caused by a massive landslide in 1959, now housing the Earthquake, and legend has it, formidable giant brown trout. They hide down in the massive timbers that were buried into the now formed lake, from the landslide. A tip: Use the hot Baetis Sparkle Dun to try your luck with a landing, a big one.

#4 Head to the big country state of Montana for some more giant trout fishing. You will definitely have to head into Macs Last Cast, to have a cold one. Ahhh twelve different beers on tap. Try one of the locals’ favorites from Montana’s own Philipsburg brewing company. Locals love Hay Bag Hefeweizen. Try saying that five times fast. Share your stories of all your great catches, and even the big ones that got away.

#5 Don’t forget the Gulf of Mexico. Head to do Galveston TX Offshore Fishing, where you will find all sorts of fish to catch all year long. The weather is great, whenever you come. try your hand at Black Drum, Mackerel, Red Snapper, Grouper, and so many more. There are also many Galveston TX Offshore Fishing Tournaments you can enter for big prizes.

Put all of these places on your, pardon the pun, “bucket list”. Spread them out over the years, so that each trip is a unique experience that you will remember forever. Fishing is one of the best recreational and relaxing things you can do. Remember, Most of the world is covered by water. “A fisherman’s job is simple: Pick out the best parts.”

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