Differences Between Commercial And Residential Roofing

 Differences Between Commercial And Residential Roofing

An ordinary person will not pay any attention to roofing unless he / she already has a problem to deal with. This is also the reason most people don’t know the difference between a commercial and residential roof. Sometimes they also equate the two terms, as they automatically assume they are the exact same thing with different buildings only.

Even though these commercial and residential roofs have a number of similarities in the structure under them to protect individuals and objects, there are also distinguishable differences. Understanding these variations will allow homeowners and property owners to install and maintain the roofing in time for their properties.

Commercial and residential roofs have differences in the following:

Roofing Materials

Roofing Design


Needed expertise of installation

To know more about their differences, check out this infographic by Universal Contracting FL.

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Danny White