Enhance Kid’s Motor Skill with Printable Dot-To-Dot Alphabet Charts

There are lots of fun ways to make indulged in the process of writing the letter correctly. But amongst all the dot-to-dot alphabets that are re-usable and used as an essential component of learning centers. Small activities are even helpful in learning correct information related to the writing skill of alphabet letters. The printable starts from number 1 count and then follow to join the number to form a letter. The dot guide one to mark the correct letter shapes. The number line is used to guiding and self-correction that could only be enabled after a lot of practice for writing the letter again and again.  

These free printable pages are going to be great use and fun for working with letter character that is brightly colored with the puzzled dot-to-dot printable. The only thing that one needs to do is print and laminate to finally come up with a dry erase chart that serves as effective reusable teaching stuff. Children are going to love it again and again after completing dots-to-dots with the use of whiteboard markers.  

Few concepts:

  • This chart is considered to be the ideal match for rotational group activities that need to be independently completed by the students. The visual number line acts as a supportive measure for children to assist self-correction by joining the dots-to-dots. 
  • This chart is displayed in the classroom for the reference of students. 
  • This chart is even used during the maths or group session as a visual hart that helps in a demonstration or of correct information starting from the number 0 to 9. 
  • Kids can practice writing skills in the air or floor or partner’s back. 
  • One needs to circle all of the letters which they find on the chart

The alphabet chart is majorly used as a teacher resource and a pencil is used to provide the shape to the letter. This is a self-guiding option to work independently over the picture provided as a clue.   

How is it useful?

  • It is the best tool that offers learning opportunities along with self-correcting assessment with the number line to support the students.
  • It is even useful in boosting fine motor skills and even supports the process of coordination and control. 
  • Pre-writing is useful in writing letters in the better and correct format as well as even promote the starting with the correct location. 
  • It is even useful recognition of numbers and counting. 

How to make use of the alphabet dot-to-dot charts?

The printable is accompanied by an informational sheet with diagrams that are provided with the required guide and how to use its techniques. 

  • Each letter is displayed along with a picture that reflects the letter sound. And a short repetitive sentence display letter in bold so that it would act as an example of a word beginning with the same sound. 
  • Trace over the faded area to practice the original format of the letter with the use of dot-to-dots in the sequence to guide for writing the correct formation. 
  • The number line is operational for providing the correct sequence of numbers which helps the children to work independently in a self-corrected manner. 
  • Laminate the chart to be used as a dry erase board and make use of a white board marker to follow the number repeated time to complete the letter. 
  • The pencil symbol is provided on each page with a letter formed without lifting the pencil (X) and a letter formed by lifting the pencil once (tick). 

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Daniel Donny