Explore Your Stay is Colorado Like Never Before

 Explore Your Stay is Colorado Like Never Before

Lakes, canyons, deserts, rocky mountains, welcome to Colorado, the homeland of the western as we are used to seeing it in the cinema. Get ready to take out your smartphones to capture breathtaking scenery, where the clash between man and nature reaches its peak and you can experience all the charm and atmosphere of the conquest of the West. You can choose the Colorado Travel Guide in this case.

But be careful not to fall into cinematic clichés:

Colorado is in fact much more than that. It is the winter beauty of its ski resorts, spring excursions along streams swollen by the melting snow, summer adventures in the Rocky Mountains, the autumn spectacle of “Fall foliage”, which sees the horizon profile change color with the foliage of the trees. It is also architectural beauty, especially in its capital Denver,and in many other places that you will be able to discover with an exciting tour of this country. What are you waiting for? Colorado has something to offer in every season: check the calendar, choose the best dates for you and go! Not before, however, having downloaded our free guide, with all the practical information and useful tips for a perfect holiday. You can also know about the Things to do in Colorado  here.

The climate in general

A rather internal country of the States, Colorado does not overlook the sea and therefore has a continental climate, cool and rather dry. If you are thinking of a holiday in this country, be prepared to face a strong temperature range between day and night, and also between nearby locations, due to the large difference in altitude. For example, if you are a ski lover and are interested in Aspen’s beautiful lifts, expect heavy snowfall and night temperatures well below zero. In summer, however, go-ahead for excursions, with maximums that can exceed 30 ° C, but beware: the minimums are still quite low, between 10 and 15 ° C even in the hottest months of the year.

What to eat

Colorado is a land where you can still enjoy the typical atmosphere of the old West. This is also reflected in traditional cuisine, which draws on a land from which it is not easy to draw nourishment. Basic ingredients, as one would think in our cinematic imagery, are meat and beans, but also cereals and other products at the base of the Mexican culinary tradition. Don’t worry, though, for a good meal you won’t have to wait for the next saloon: Colorado has about 100 wineries, 200 distilleries and 40 distilleries, so in addition to finding all kinds of specialties (local and otherwise) you want to eat, you can certainly accompany it with the drink that best suits your taste. For the dessert, however, there is no doubt about the choice: Cowboy cookies are in fact typical of Colorado,and to normal chocolate cookies they add oats and pecans. It is not to be missed.

Things to bring in your suitcase

If you are about to face a road trip, or in any case itinerant, in Colorado, your luggage must be quite varied: in fact, considerable changes in temperature are not uncommon, both in the same location, and very often between nearby locations where the altitude can also be very different. It is always good to have a heavier garment on hand in winter, and a windbreaker in summer. You will certainly find excursions to do, so in every season bring with you the necessary for long walks: in summer, especially, light clothing and water supplies are recommended as the climate can be particularly hot and dry.


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