Furniture Options for the Right Spacing

 Furniture Options for the Right Spacing

Well fitting out your exhibition stand is essential to create a friendly and warm atmosphere. Your choices must in particular be guided by the size of your stand, so as not to clutter up the space or, on the contrary, find yourself in a bare and cold stand which will scare away visitors.

Choose your furniture well

Visitors are spoiled for choice at trade shows: to grab their attention and decide to spend time with you, you only have a handful of seconds. Here are some criteria to take into account when choosing your furniture:

Useful and pleasant

Stand furniture must have a double function

It must be welcoming and comfortable, but also highlight your products. Next to the reception furniture, there is therefore a place for display cases and displays. You can simply click here  for the right purchase of furniture items.

Easy to install

Focus on the pieces that are quick to assemble and install in order to give you the necessary time on the place of furniture on the exhibition stand.


Whatever the size of your stand, visitors must be able to move around without problems, without stepping on their feet or playing with their elbows.

Choose furniture according to stand size

Having a large stand is an opportunity and an asset. However, this can be a double-edged sword: you can quickly want to put too much or choose unsuitable furniture.

Create several reception spaces

Do not hesitate to arrange several reception spaces, coordinated or of different styles, in order to optimize the space.

Bet on comfort

With a large stand, take out the big game in terms of sofas and armchairs. You can afford anything: imposing seats, large coffee tables and poufs which are often more comfortable than stools.

Multiply the displays and showcases

Since you have the space, take the opportunity to highlight your brochures and products with designer and original furniture.

Smart furniture for small stands

On a small stand, each square centimeter is precious. It is therefore necessary to adopt the right reflexes to gain space:

Very clever packs

Furniture packs are practical because they prevent you from getting lost in furniture catalogs, but also because they contain the bare essentials to welcome your visitors: counter, seats and table. Prefer stools and high tables, which consume little space, over traditional tables and chairs.

Two-in-one furniture

These smart pieces of furniture are champions of saving space: it can be a display table, a light display case, a bench that converts to a coffee table, or even a counter with storage.

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