Here’s where you should put smoke detectors

 Here’s where you should put smoke detectors

Like carbon monoxide detectors, a fire alarm system can save your life should your home or commercial property have a fire or smoke present. Smoke detectors are required by law and it is illegal to remove them from your home. It’s not enough to just have a smoke detector placed anywhere in your home, instead there are certain areas where they operate the best.

The do’s of smoke detectors

It’s important to know exactly how to use a smoke detector so you catch a fire right away. Here are the do’s of smoke detectors.

  • Read the owner’s manual so you install the detector correctly.
  • Do put your smoke detector on your ceiling and not on a wall or elsewhere
  • Do put your smoke detector outside of bedrooms, in hallways, and near your kitchen
  • Do make sure you have new batteries in your smoke detector, so it works

The don’ts of smoke detectors

Now that you know how to use a smoke detector correctly, it’s important to discuss what you should not do with one.

  • Do not install a smoke detector on any appliance or door. It might sound smart to install a smoke detector to the side of your fridge or a cupboard but that’s not where they belong. They belong on the ceiling, so they can catch the smoke as soon as it rises.
  • Don’t put a smoke detector in a room that’s known for being humid such as a bathroom. Instead, install the detector outside the room in the hallway.
  • If you have an attic, keep that as a storage place. Smoke detectors do not work well in areas known to be full of dust or debris.
  • Putting your smoke detector on your ceiling is the best place for it but not near a ceiling fan or an open skylight.
  • If you have an area in your home that’s known for being really chilly, a smoke detector may not work well in that area. Common areas like this are porches, garages, or sunrooms.

Daniel Donny