How Instagram is Allowing Brands to Reach New Audiences

 How Instagram is Allowing Brands to Reach New Audiences

Getting more traffic on Instagram means you have a huge chance to reach your target audience and getting more profit. From a business point of view, it becomes very essential to promote one’s brand on Instagram. But optimizing Instagram account and reaching the target customer is not a child’s play since every company tries to do that. But in this article we have come up with some essential techniques that every SEO company should take into consideration for reaching to its customer through its Instagram account which is as follows:


  • Having appealing Content: Lack of appealing content also causes a huge problem in Instagram account optimization. In case the content of your famoid instagram social profile is not informative, impressive, and engaging then no visitor will stay longer on your Instagram page. So, it is very essential that you give much importance to the content and for that, you have to know all the techniques to write excellent content which will certainly attract your potential customer and keep them engaged on your Instagram account.
  • Loading the Instagram page fast: The most vital reason why people do not visit the Instagram page is the slow loading of the page. In today’s generation of 4G and 5G when if your Instagram page takes a too long time to load, then it is for sure that your visitors are not going to wait for opening the page. That is the reason why a faster-accessing webpage always has an added advantage of having a better ranking. So, it is very essential to avoid old image format and use new image formats such as WebP, Jpeg XR, etc.
  • Adding a video on Instagram: It is mostly seen that Instagram page which has a video on it has a higher ranking. This is because the user generally prefers to watch a video than to read the content. There is no denying the fact that video can increase reader engagement on your website and videos can be a great way to increase the showcase of any product or service. That is the reason why it becomes very essential to add short videos on your Instagram page and provide the people what they like or want. So you should tell your team to make a short video on the related topic and can load it on your Instagram account. However, it will also not be a bad idea to show a full-width video as a background on the home page of your website. It will certainly engage the visitor to your Instagram account.    
  • Having an impressive Layout: A Instagram account is also judged by its layout and cover design. Even if you have excellent content, your Instagram account ranking will not improve if you do not have a good web design. Impressive web design gives a feeling to the reader that your Instagram account will also have excellent content. It is very important to update your Instagram account regularly with new designs and templates so that the user does not get bored with your Instagram account. Changing template, layout, background color, and other web designing features also makes an impression in the mind of the visitor that you are making an effort on your Instagram account to make their life easier.
  • Adding enough internal links: One of the most contributing factors for a huge bounce rate is that the reader does not find enough content options on the Instagram account. Your Instagram account should have many internal links that will give a feel to the reader that you have enough content on your website. Then the visitor to your Instagram account will be interested to stay longer and spend more time on your Instagram account. Add as many links as possible on your Instagram account. But keep the hyperlink in such a way that readers easily find it. This will help your visitor to visit some other related topic on your Instagram account which they may like.
  • Keeping the font and colors consistent: Apart from the content, design, and looks, formatting also plays an important role in keeping the visitor engaged on your Instagram account. That is why layout, logos, font style, and color should be consistent on all the web pages of your Instagram account. Make sure that you use the same color and font style in the code of the HTML since if you use different colors and font style it may hurt the eyes of your reader and they may not find it suitable to stay longer on your website. 




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