How to promote your website using social media

 How to promote your website using social media


Social media is the most fabulous and most efficient way of relaying information in the modern digital era. In other words, an advert on social media will likely do well compared to a similar advert over the radio. Things are changing, and remaining relevant, you need to keep up with the changes too. So, you’ve already got a webdesign with the appropriate skills to come up with a formidable website that will see your business grow significantly over time. You also want the same to saturate within the public domain. How do you do it? How do you reach as many people as possible? Here are some methods that you can use to promote a website using social media: 



  • Have a social media portfolio


Foremost, if you want to succeed in digital marketing, having a widely known social media platform will be a plus. You need to research on social media platforms where your business can likely attract colossal followership. For instance, a photography business will do well on Instagram and Facebook, while technical-based businesses can do well on LinkedIn. You also need to verify your accounts with a blue-tick verification to counter pseudo accounts that can be a real bad image on your brand. You can start sharing your first social media profiles with family and loyal customers to give it a start. Make sure to have your contacts and the website’s link on the profiles’ bio. 


  • Trendy hashtags


When you make a post, you need to use trendy hashtags so that it appears among the top posts when users filter their social media searches. You can use online tools to research popular hashtags. However, to create relevance, your posts need to be somewhat related to the trending topics. For instance, if it’s a fashion event, you come with a post that explains how your business is the best fashion clothing line, and boom you drop the link! 


  • Video-linked snippets


This new generation will tend to get attracted more to video snippets than text snippets. If you are just creative enough, you could come up with thrilling videos on snippets with your website link embedded in them. This way, when users click, they’ll be led to your site. And who knows, they may see what they’ve been looking for and stay there for a while reading content if not permanently!


  • Share customer reviews and experience


Finally, you must know that social media users will like it more when they learn about your company’s excellent products and services through other ordinary customers. Therefore, it calls for sharing customer reviews and experiences in the form of videos and engaging content. In other words, these are user or customer testimonials that promote your website. In such testimonials, you can use backlinks that lead people directly to your website or an affiliate of the same to generate recurrent traffic.


Danny White