How To Update Your hp Printer Drivers

 How To Update Your hp Printer Drivers

A recently added hp printer or outdated software for the same would require updates to facilitate the functionality of the device. If the newly added printer is not registered on the computer system, which should be automatic, manual download of the device’s software from appropriate sources comes in handy. Sometimes, because of corrupt bugs and unstable software, the malfunction of these devices also is observed. 

The reason being there is an update of the operating system whose printer software is not compatible. An update would fix the missing feature or remove the bug that is causing issues. To view whether the device has issues, right-clicking on the start button and selecting the run prompt opens a window. Typing “devmgmt.msc” in the open section will open the device manager window where all devices are seen. Scrolling down to the printer section will show the kind of printer device attached to the computer if it is one, or printer queues when many.

When many, expand the printer queues and right-click on the listed HP printer. On this printer icon, if a yellow exclamation mark appears, then issues are detected by the operating system that needs to be fixed or worked on. Right-clicking brings a window with options to update the hp printer drivers, disable or uninstall the device, scan for hardware changes and properties. Select update driver and an automatic search will be performed. For this process to be successful, one needs to be connected to the internet. If the driver used to run the HP printer is up to date, another window will pop-up alerting of its status. Otherwise, the search will continue until complete. The computer will need to be restarted for the new software update to take effect. This will work for all operating systems unless it is manually updated.

For manual updates, logging in as an administrator using the admin account will ease the processes. Otherwise, one would need the admin’s username and password to access these privileges. Knowledge of the device name, model ID and operating system to run the software favors the device’s operation. A visit to the HP support website – – and navigation to the printer driver’s selection would bring an assortment of printers from which the right selection would give the right software update. 

Finding the correct driver install package for the right operating system ensures the right installation software. The advantage of using manual over automatic is the installation for specific software for the device, unlike getting a full package. These differences determine the size of the download and attachments coming with the package. Most downloads come with unwanted add-ons that when removed, affect other software’s not related to the printer software installation.

When installing the software from the manual download, usually an executable (.EXE) file, verify where the install is placed in case further configurations are required. If the issues persist, installing a Driver Support software can help with all the processes of downloads and updates. It comes with an Active Optimization package. This software scans the computer and detects all hp printer drivers’ issues with optimization opportunities to fix the bugs, and stabilize improvements added to maximize performance. The Driver Support Software cannot help with issues like paper jams; the printer is out of paper, toner leak or replacement, ink levels, or print job jam (Jobs stuck in the queue). These issues need to be attended manually. Otherwise, software-related problems would be solved using Driver Support software. One can choose to have the free version or premium that includes a tech-support customer care chatting option to help with issues.


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