Importance of Enabling Comments on a Blog

 Importance of Enabling Comments on a Blog

A successful blog is every blog owners’ desire to be fullfilled.There are main several things that a blog owner ought to concern about. So, all of those things are need to be equally concerned as follows.

  • Comments
  • User Interaction
  • Blog’s Appearance
  • Blog Niche
  • SEO
  • Blog Audience

The above mentioned things could be defined as essentials of a successful blog. Without these, the blog will be like a imbalanced diet. However, among all above these, blog owners pay attention mostly on blog appearance, blog niche, user interaction and SEO. They do not give much weight on comments. Not paying attention on blog comments is why blog owners face disasters. This article will cover up why you need to enable comment on a blog and what disaster causes if you won’t care about blog comments.

Importance of Blog Comments

Blog  comments are the media that blog visitors express their ideas, give suggestions, and carry out discussions with others. Comments create the inter user-blog owner relationship means comments connects users and the blog owner together. When you enable blog comments, users interaction automatically increases because users love to express their personal ideas and suggestions. They feel comfortable when they have a place to gain knowledge and to carry out discussions. Not only that, but also comments give chances for blog owners to improve the blog by themselves by analyzing comments.Disabling comments on a blog is definitely a disaster because you will find hard improving user interaction and expanding your blog audience without comments. All the other main things to be concerned when creating a successful blog are nothing without comments as without comments.

However, blog owners who know the importance of blog comments, enable comments. Experts say that enabling comments gained them lots of benefits and it was one of their wisest decision they ever made.

How to Create a Comments Section for a Blog

When you have decided to enable comments in your blog, it is wise to know well how to create a comments section for your blog. It is just simple but need to be careful. First of all, you need to choose a potential commenting plugin. If you are using WordPress or anything which has its native comments, I suggest you to choose a third party commenting plugin instead of native comments. It is because third party commenting plugins are beneficial rather than native comments. When you choose a comments plugin, consider the following.

  • Attractive comment box
  • Ability to customize the comment section
  • Users ease in commenting
  • Comments moderation

Apart from above mentioned things, you can add your own needs as parameters of choosing a good commenting plugin.But, remember your blog users are the most important ones. So, when choosing a good commenting plugin, you have to two views: blog owner’s view and user’s view.

After choosing a good commenting plugin, install it on your blog and work with comments carefully. You will notice that your blog have a big audience as well as increased user interaction. Not only that, SEO of your blog will be increased. See how enabling comments are important for your blog?


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