Introduce Mandalika: A Potential Tourism in Lombok Indonesia

 Introduce Mandalika: A Potential Tourism in Lombok Indonesia

Situated at the south of Lombok Island, Mandalika is a really unique region where green savannah hills meet marvelous beaches. The plan to develop this area in a hotel has been created for years. It’s just been attained in the past couple of years.

Mandalika is a tourism economic zone that is exceptional. Development is occurring right now with many luxury hotels. Mandalika will additionally have.

Beautiful beaches in the southern part of Lombok are going to be integrated within this resort. This resort is going to be among the most detailed ones in Indonesia when the development finishes.

Gerupuk Beach, the paradise for surfers

Here is the best spot to surf in Mandalika. Gerupuk beach supplies the most challenging waves, which could reach up to 3 meters in height. There are five zones for browsing in this bay; Prigi, Batu Teong, Batulawang, Giligoleng, and Terasag. Aside from its waves, Gerupuk creates natural seaweed. From the Gerupuk Village, you can observe local folks send them into big cities in Java and Bali and pack seaweed.

Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan Beach is a more standard sandy beach. You can see the sea and several green hills. A lot of people prefer this shore over Kuta (Bali) for the only reason that there are fewer people here. The atmosphere is serene and lets you enjoy the panorama comfortably.

Merese Hills, a vantage points onto a grassy field

Merese Hill is your ideal place if you want to enjoy Mandalika’s perspective from a higher point of view. The hill offers a different sensation to enjoy the sea, although there aren’t any white sand or wave to play. The relatively level field at the top of this hill is an ideal place for camping, assuming that you have a tent because the wind can be powerful.

Ingesting Princess Mandalika, bau Nyale Festival

Princess Mandalika was amazing and kind, so much so that princes risked war to marry her. The Princess could not pick one of the suitors that came after her, and she disappeared into the ocean. In the place where the Princess disappeared, a brown and green sea worm named Nyale magically appeared.

Sasak people grab the nyale every 20th of the month of the calendar to commemorate that the Princess. So Bau Nyale (cacing Nyale) festival starts.

The way to get to Mandalika

Lombok is available via air, sea, and in a sense, overland also from Java and other islands.

By Air. The brand’s newest Lombok International Airport is located at Praya Lombok’s city. It’s also connected with numerous cities in neighboring countries like Perth, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and sometimes all of the way to Novosibirsk-Tolmachevo in Russia (seasonal).

By Sea. Lombok has. The most important and busiest ports are Lembar (that join with Bali) and Labuhan Lombok that join with Sumbawa. Additionally, there are smaller harbors like Marina Srikandi, Teluk Nara Harbor, Gili Transfers, and several others.

By Bus. The road connects Lombok to Java. You will find bus routes from cities in Java into Mandalika Bus Terminal in Mataram City. The buses, naturally, had to be ferried to Lombok and from Bali from Banyuwangi.

Things to do Mandalika

Mandalika is a complex of hills that are beautiful and beaches. There is absolutely no actual rule in which you want to begin your journey here. Many people hop to another from the strip to Tanjung Aan from Kuta.

The option is best satisfied with your own disposition. If you wish to browse, for example, you may visit Gerupuk or even Kuta beach. You will go to Tanjung Aan if you would like to appreciate your day relaxing with a beautiful beach. Batu Payung Beach is an instagenic place with its rock formations.

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