Perfect Usages for the Male Sex Toys for You

 Perfect Usages for the Male Sex Toys for You


We’ll tell you tricks for the purchase and the right application here. Maybe you’ve already found it – your favorite masturbation toy. Tips and sex toys are a popular way to really heat yourself up. According to a study, 50 percent of women experience orgasm for the first time through masturbation. It works especially well with these masturbation tips for sex toys. So how to use sex toys for pleasure?

Masturbation tip with the dildo

If you like to masturbate yourself with a dildo, you can first use lubricant so that it is easier to insert and you avoid pain. If you are looking for a special kick, try a G-spot dildo. If you are already advanced, a thick, soft dildo could be just the thing for you, because it should stimulate the cervix and the G-spot so that particularly violent orgasms are triggered.

Masturbation tip with the vibrator

For vibrators : quality has its price, but it is usually worth it, because high-quality vibrators with their different settings can better bring you to orgasm. In addition, they are usually not as loud as the cheap versions. Some vibrators can stimulate the vagina and clitoris at the same time, but if you don’t have one, you can rub your clitoris with your fingers while using the vibrator to get better. The most important thing about both the dildo and the vibrator is that you don’t rely on the sex toy to do all the work for you.

Masturbation tip: clitoral stimulator

The study from Berlin also mentioned that most women come mainly from clitoral stimulation. A clitoral stimulator that pampers you with pressure waves is particularly pleasant for the clitoris. Blogs such as or praised the result of the masturbation toy.

Masturbation tip: Arousal oil

So you have more fun with a solo number

A good tip for sex with your partner as well as for masturbation are so-called arousal oils, which according to the manufacturer ( can provide a warm feeling and a pulsation in the clitoris due to natural ingredients, because they improve blood circulation to promote the clitoris. This can help you get in the mood and get even wetter. This effect is confirmed online by some testers, others found it to be rather average to little exciting. It’s worth a try.  Then there is the Male sex toys  as well.

Not everyone appreciates the vibrations in the anus. For some, the vibrations can help to relax, while for others, on the contrary, they can tense up.

If you do not know yet if this is your thing, to try to determine it, you can apply a vibrator, without inserting it, on the entrance of your anus. Either way, with a vibrating butt plug , you can always turn it off for vibration-free use.


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