Theatre Review: ‘Wicked’ at the Fox Theatre

 Theatre Review: ‘Wicked’ at the Fox Theatre

About every 75 years, Halley’s Comet visits the world or becomes visible, and everybody notices it. Atlanta can do without the Broadway mega-musical “Wicked” for about four years; then we start to possess withdrawal symptoms, so to talk, and that we need our solution.

Well, rejoice, Atlanta; “Wicked” is back and prepared to fill the Fox Theater again, this point until November 17. And it’s still even as exciting.

That says tons. Why do only a couple of shows get such success and success? the solution, I believe, involves all of the mysterious mysteries of the enchantment itself, weird magic that happens when a play tells the days and strikes a chord within the minds and hearts of individuals. Whatever more could also be said, “Wicked” isn’t just a story for youngsters.

We know it all started with the 1900 novel by Frank Baum “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz“. The classic 1939 film with Garland caught the magic and passed it on.

In 1995, the novelist Gregory Maguire’s tale of The Wicked Witch of the West began to consider the gods of Broadway; and on October 30, 2003, “Wicked”, the musical, premiered on Broadway at the 1900-seat Gershwin Theater, where it’s been sold out since.

Another fact for you: in March 2016, “Wicked” exceeded $ 1 billion in total Broadway revenues, joining “The Phantom of the Opera” and “The Lion King” during this exclusive club.

What could justify such success? Australian John Bailey from “The Age” writes: “Wicked has it all: glitz, glamor and smiles, hymn tunes, and breathtaking decor. He also features a brain. “There is even more: starting with an unlikely friendship between two young women, the currents of truth run through the spectacle; the character of excellent and evil and our unfortunate tendency to label people and ideas; see By farce; the facility to last friendship.

Beyond all that, “Wicked” is extremely fun, for the women of the audience disguised as Elphaba or Glinda, and for thinking adults. Don’t insult anyone’s intelligence; he’s too ingenious and self-aware for that.

We’re in Oz, you know. Glinda, pretty, pampered and “popular”, meets Elphaba, an intelligent girl, with emerald skin and social conscience; they need a moment attack of “flawless hatred” towards one another. However, forced to be roommates at the university, they become friends and, to their credit, best friends.

This is very important: the very fact that folks can change may be a strong and recurring theme. And despite the very fact that the 2 girls are crazy with the handsome Fiyero (Curt Hansen), who has decided that “life is more painless for brains”, the friendship of Elphaba and Glinda remains. By the way, Fiyero is additionally changing.

Do you still think “Wicked broadway” is simply a party? Consider that the show deals with the subsequent subjects, lightly, but certainly: racism, fascism, scapegoats, political pranks, all this and flying monkeys!

Oh, but when Elphaba meets and announces her independence at the top of Act I, there’s no more exciting moment in musical. When Ms. Suskauer’s high-pitched voice fills the stage, she has goosebumps. Everyone should experience “Wicked” a minimum of once!

Danny White