Tips for the Correct Golf Swing

 Tips for the Correct Golf Swing

Golf is one of the most interesting and challenging sports out there. While the goal is to put the ball in the hole with as few strokes as possible, the biggest key to making this happen is to have the correct golf swing. When it comes to improving the golf swing, there are a few tips that everyone must follow.

Keep the Hands Low

One of the most important tips for a golf swing is to keep the hands low. This means limiting the height of the hands on the follow-through of the swing. This will effectively reduce the height of the shots, reducing the height of the ball as it flies through the air. While some people might want a high ball flight on wedges (to help the ball sit when it hits the ground), this might not be desirable on drives and longer irons, where the goal might be to maximize distance. As people improve, they can learn to adjust the hands themselves. This, combined with adjusting the position of the ball in reference to the stance, can help someone control the ball better.

Connect the Spine and the Forearm

It is important for everyone to understand how the spine and forearm are related to each other. While many people learn golf after playing baseball, the two sports are very different when it comes to the swing. When people swing a golf club, their forearm should be parallel to the spine. For those who are righthanded, the right forearm should be parallel to the spine while the left wrist is flat. The elbows, arms, and forearm should form a triangle Thinking about this will help people make sure they have rotated the back part of their golf swing correctly.

The Power Comes from the Body

Finally, those who are experienced on the links know that the power of any golf swing comes from the body, not the arms. If people try to “arm” the ball through the air, they are going to lose control. This is going to lead to hooks and slices, making it harder to place the ball correctly. Instead, the power comes from the body. Try to use the body to place the head of the club directly behind the ball at contact.

Work With the Correct Golf Swing

For those who are looking for a correct golf swing, these are a few of the tips to keep in mind. This will help everyone improve their golf swing and lower their score in the process.

Paul Petersen