Top 3 Non-League Ultras Groups in the UK

 Top 3 Non-League Ultras Groups in the UK

The game of football is one of the most popular and favorite sports all around the world. Go to any country, East or West, and you will find football fanatics enjoying the game. Now, let’s go to two of the most popular football-playing nations – the USA and the UK. The two countries almost have the same love for the game but there is something that European football has unique. 

Have you heard about ‘the Ultras’? Have you heard about the name and fame of popular Ultras like the Clapton Ultras, where they have the craziest and the most passionate fans ever! You will never find anything similar to the nature of these Ultras anywhere else in the world. 

But, there is not just one group of Ultras out there. Read on to know about the top three non-league Ultras groups in the UK:

The Clapton Community Football Club Of East London

The specialty of Clapton CFC is that they are non-league clubs owned by fans. They were like the phoenix of an anti-Fascist football club, Ultras to be more specific. Their first jersey went viral in 2018 in Spain because of its anti-Fascist message. No one expected a London club to be that famous in Spain. The Clapton CFC never parted ways from their anti-racist, anti-Fascist, and anti-Homophobic attitude.

The St. Pauli Football Club Is Popular All Over Europe

The St. Pauli Ultras have fame more for their political stances of being left-wing supporters. Just like the Clapton CFC, they also go against what a typical Ultras group can be like. All over Europe, you can hear about their voice against racism, sexism, fascism and what not! St. Pauli back then had more female followers than any other club in Germany. They became some kind of a sensation in the name of Ultras.

The Dulwich Hamlet Club Of South London

The popular team hailing from South London was popular for their navy and pink colors on their flag. This team has a massive fanbase, who are strongly against homophobia in sports. They were one of those teams, whose fans always believed in equality above everything. Being a non-league club their tickets were super-cheap all the time. 

Throughout the years, different non-league groups of Ultras have come and gone like Clapton Ultras, who is one of the most popular Ultras of all time. Besides the three names mentioned, there are many more out there.