Warning Signs Of A Medical Emergency

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There are many emergency signs that will lead up to an actual medical emergency. The medical emergency can be defined as various types of injuries or illnesses that pose an immediate risk to the life of someone. It can be viewed as an abrupt onset of a medical condition. Assistance if often needed in a medical emergency situation. ER in Texoma is equipped and capable of handling the medical emergency in a competent and safe manner.

Awareness: Recognizing the Warning Signs

It can be very frightening to find yourself, or someone you care about, in the middle of a medical emergency. It happens often and many people do not know what hit them in terms of the needed action steps. It is vital to be aware and recognize the warning signs of a medical emergency situation. The following warning signs will alert you to the medical emergency:

* any type of chest pain; all chest pains ought to be taken seriously and professional medical care should be sought after

* suicidal and homicidal feelings or actions; this is a mental health emergency that can pose much harm. Any actions or words revolving around suicide or homicide do require professional attention. This is a serious medical emergency that requires serious action

* severe abdominal pressure or pain; this could be an indication of a very serious medical issue and requires careful medical care

* choking; any gasping for air is an indication that something may be lodged in the throat and will need to be removed with a medical technique

* dizziness or fainting; it is not normal to faint or suddenly feel dizzy. This is a red flag in terms of a warning sign that something is medically wrong

* trouble speaking; if a persons suddenly stops speaking clearly, there is good reason to seek medical care because it could be a very serious issue

* ongoing diarrhea or vomiting; if it is severe, request medical assistance. It may be more than the average flu symptoms

* any spine or head injury; it is important to obtain medical assistance because it can be a serious medical problem

* unusual behavior or confusion; this can be an indication of a serious medical condition

* having a hard time breathing; this may be a symptom of a bigger medical concern and requires assistance

* uncontrolled bleeding; it is always helpful to bind an area to try to stop the blood flow. If it take a turn for the worst, seek medical attention immediately. Uncontrolled bleeding needs to be stopped

* sudden and severe pain; and sudden pain will have a cause. There are a number of reasons for this type of occurrence. All severe and sudden pain ought to be checked out by a qualified medical professional

These are some noteworthy warning signs of a medical emergency. The ER in Texoma can be contacted to offer valuable medical assistance. It is wise to be informed and alert when it comes to a possible medical emergency situation. Awareness can prevent much harm and can benefit the entire medical emergency situation.

Call 911?

Not every medical emergency is going to require a call to 911. It is a good idea to make certain that the situation is a valid emergency. Keep in mind, not every medical emergency is going to need a trip to the emergency room. Prior to calling 911, ask the following questions:

* Does the situation appear to be life-threatening?

* if I move the person, will it make their injury worse?

* Will travel and conditions be problematic if I transport the injured to hospital?

These are a sample of questions to ask prior to calling 911 in the event of an

medical emergency. Try to think clearly in a medical emergency and put the needs of the injured in capable hands.

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