What is the point of registering my trademark?

 What is the point of registering my trademark?

What distinguishes a red polo A from a red polo B, a pair of tennis shoes size 40 from another pair of tennis shoes size 40? If not a crocodile associated with the company brand, a comma associated with Nike. The brand is represented by a distinctive sign which allows the consumer to distinguish the product or service of a company from those offered by competing companies. It is a benchmark for consumers that should not be overlooked.  However, do not confuse brand and logo. A brand can exist without a logo. The logo is the symbol of the brand. Click Formalities to get an update on trademark registration, an important aspect for your business by answering the following questions:

  1. Why register my brand?
  2. How to proceed?
  3. Why register my brand?

The “sign” representative of a brand, if “registered” or registered, will serve to precisely distinguish your products and services from those of your competitors. It represents the image of your company and it is the guarantee, in the eyes of the public, of a certain consistency of quality.

1 / the brand: a pillar in your marketing and commercial strategy

It can be a precious element in your industrial and commercial strategy. But, if it is unfortunately not protected, competitors can take it over and unfairly profit from your efforts. The filing or registration of a trademark gives you certain legal protection.

You get an operating monopoly and become the only person who can use it. You can sue any person or competitor who imitates or uses your brand, or creates a new one close to plagiarism. Third parties may not use any sign identical or similar to yours, in the same field of activity, which would cause confusion with your brand.

Registering your brand also allows you to protect the investments made for the launch of a product / service. You can have this brand used by others (sale, contribution to society, operating concession, etc.) or exploit this brand yourself by concluding contracts (license, transfer, etc.). In exchange for the rights granted to the brand, you will receive brand royalties. These brand royalties can generate substantial revenue from operations.

A well-chosen brand is therefore a powerful tool !

2 / how much does a trademark registration cost?

This operating monopoly on Indian Territory is valid for ten years, renewable. The protection of your brand can be carried out at the Indian level , but also extended at the Asian level and at the international level (WIPO).

Many entrepreneurs tend to leave this legal aspect aside because the registration of the company has already required the payment of certain costs for often limited cash.

However, it is a procedure for which the costs are fairly low. Indeed, the filing of a brand costs 250 Dollar , knowing that the brand will be protected according to well defined classes according to your products / services. Ultimately, it would be regrettable to neglect this crucial aspect of intellectual property protection.

  1. How do I register my trademark?

To successfully register your trademark, you will need to follow 3 key steps.

1 step: Check the availability of the brand

Before filing your mark, make sure that the chosen sign is available, that is to say that it does not reproduce or imitate an already existing sign , for products or services that would be identical or similar to yours . You must carry out or have carried out a “ prior art ” research work consisting in verifying that said mark is not already registered by a company or a third person  service accessible .

2 step:  Determine the products / services concerned

It is necessary to protect its brand for the fields of activity in which the company or the natural person carries out its activity. Choose precisely the products / services for which you want to use your brand. These have been organized by “classes” (according to the Nice Classification”).  For example do not register your brand of children’s toys in the catering category. Protection will only be effective for the activities identified in these “classes”. Mention them on the trademark registration form .

3 rd step:   Make your deposit

The deposit must be made online website. Then, you will be sent an acknowledgment of receipt with your references, your trademark registration will be published in the Official Bulletin of Intellectual Property, your request will be examined, then, if no observation, opposition or irregularity is found, your registration will be published , and you receive your registration certificate! Get started!

Do you have other innovations that you want to protect outside of the brand? works, creations, inventions, ideas, databases, software…? Visit the dedicated IPI page “How to protect what? “ To help you define the protection that best suits you!

To stand out, consider registering your brand to be able to  calmly develop your activity!

Danny White