Web.com Reviews Helps You Create a Reading List For 2020

 Web.com Reviews Helps You Create a Reading List For 2020

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The New Year is here with renewed ideas and determination to be followed. If you are a reading enthusiast, you must be having a few resolutions pertaining to it. There must be so many things you would want to read about; books, journals, articles, and so on. To avoid any confusion, set yourself a reading list for the year. In this article, Web.com Reviews shares some tips that you can follow to create a reading list for 2020.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Category of books- You have to first decide what category of books you are interested in. Maybe this year you want to read more romantic novels, or it could be a detective or even spiritual ones. Whatever you decide on, your list should be a healthy mix of two or more categories. You wouldn’t want to read just similar kinds of books. After all, variety is the spice of life!
  2. A skill you would want to learn- If you want to learn something new this year, focus on reading books that would provide you with the information that you wish to learn. It could be a self-help book, a motivational one, or something that is related to your work. You can even try to learn cooking, starting and growing an online business, or a new form of art. Just, create a list of books that you think could help you with it.
  3. Number of books– It is imperative to decide on the number of books you will be able to read before creating a list of books you would like to read this year. Depending on how much time you can devote to reading per week, you can roughly calculate the number of books you will actually be able to read through. Have a couple on the higher side in anticipation that you will supersede your target.
  4. Specific reads recommended– You must have heard great reviews about certain books from your friends, spouse, or other family members and must be looking forward to reading them yourself. Have a list of those books that have been recommended to you and include them on a priority section in your reading list of the year. After all, your close ones know what type of books would interest you and their preferences might be similar to yours too.
  5. Flexibility– Remember that the list you have created is flexible. After all, reading isn’t a chore for you; it is more of a fun and enjoyable part of your life. During any time of the year if you wish to make certain additions or subtractions to it, feel free to go ahead with it. Be on the lookout for books that you think might interest you more than the ones already on your list. It does no harm while you are on the lookout to find better books.


Web.com Reviews believes that reading is a great habit as it helps to improve knowledge and also keeps you busy. For those who love reading, it is like having a companion constantly by your side (or in your bag). If you are still perplexed on how to create a reading list, you can seek help from “NY Times Bestsellers” to read some of the best-recommended books in any category.

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