What to do and how to explore Zacatecas in Mexico?

 What to do and how to explore Zacatecas in Mexico?

“The city of the story, the quarry and the legend”, this is what best describes Zacatecas, one of the leading tourist destination in Mexico. Zacatecas is a state of history, culture, picturesque alleys and majestic architecture. In the year 1546, the city was founded because a group of Spaniards discovered the deposit of large mines. This great mining wealth of silver and gold produced migratory currents and great economic growth. During the Mexican Revolution, Zacatecas starred in one of the great battles in National history. In 1993, UNESCO declared its historic center as “Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.

Apart from having a great reflection of hisory and culture, there are various fun things to do in zacatecas. let us explore the primary ones.

What to do in Zacatecas?

If you are searching a lot for the information you need regarding what to do in zacatecas city, let us tell you that the list is huge. Tour the historic center by tram and admire the beauty of the cathedral and its pink quarry buildings. Admire the panoramic view from the cable car and Cerro de la Bufa. Be part of the callejoneadas and enjoy the songs to the rhythm of the drum. Get to know the bowels of the Eden Mine and visit its nightclub. Visit the Pedro and Rafael Coronel, Francisco Goitia and Toma de Zacatecas museums .

Tour its temples such as Santo Domingo and San Agustín. Buy the typical sweets such as marshmallows, charamuscas, ates and tuna honey. Buy handicrafts at the Gonzalez Ortega Market, buy valuable souvenirs at the Platero Center and Huichol costumes at the Casa de las Artesanias. Visit Guadalupe, Jerez, Altavista and La Quemada. Go on an excursion to the Sierra de Organos. Try the Huitzila mezcal, the gorditas stuffed with rich stews in the squares and the succulent birria and purple corn pozole. Fly on a zip line from the top of Cerro de la Bufa. There are a lot of things to do in zacatecas.

Cerro de la Bufa

Cerro de la Bufa is the Symbol of Zacatecas. It is located at a height of 2,657 meters and witnessed the independence movement when witnessing the arrival of Don Miguel Hidalgo. It has an esplanade in which the Plaza de la Revolucion Mexicana is located. The Capilla del Patrocinio is also located there, where the patron Virgin of the city is venerated.

Calderon Theater –

This beautiful arts venue was built and rebuilt in the same nineteenth century, since fifty-five years after its inauguration in 1834 it suffered a fire that completely destroyed it. Since its original time, it has been one of the most important forums for cultural expression in Zacatecas together with the Cathedral and the Gonzalez Ortega Market.

Festivals and Fairs –

In the month of September, the Festival of the Virgen del Patrocinio takes place in which the faithful go up from the center to the sanctuary of the Virgin in the Cerro de la Bufa. In this context, the Zacatecas National Fair takes place, with artisan exhibitions, livestock and other events. During Holy Week the Cultural Festival is held, presenting concerts of classical music, jazz and trova, etc. At the end of July the Zacatecas Festival of International Folklore is celebrated, with dances and rhythms from various states and countries.

Organ Mountains –

This impressive mountain range on the outskirts of Sombrerete, with innumerable giant boulders and with a relief that alludes to the “far west” of the movies, is a reference for those travelers who are nature lovers. In fact, several movies were filmed in this area, where famous gunmen such as John Wayne, Anthony Quinn and Kirk Douglas, played important cowboy heroes. The name of Sierra de Organos comes from the comparison with the rows of cacti or with the pipes of a church organ.


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