Why Whole Grain Wheat Flour Is Considered Healthier

 Why Whole Grain Wheat Flour Is Considered Healthier

Shopping for wheat flour should not just be a pick and go thing for you because wheat flour comes in different types and some are more nutritious than others. There are three main types of wheat flour available in the market: whole grain wheat, brown flour and white flour.

During processing the white flour which is currently the most popular for making light bread, undergoes the process whereby 40% of the original wheat grain content is removed.

The brown on the other hand gets 15% of original content removed while whole grain retains all the original content of the grain . Since the whole grain wheat flour retains the germ and bran it is therefore rich in various nutrients such as Vitamin B3, B2, B1, E, Folic acid and minerals such as zinc, iron,copper, phosphorous, calcium and also fiber.

The white flour on the other hand lose 50% of these nutrients during processing.Therefore, whole grain wheat flour is much healthier than white or brown wheat flour. The following are some of the benefits associated with whole grain wheat flour.

Reduced Weight Gain

Whole grain flour unlike white flour contains dietary fibers which helps reduce weight gain. A study carried out at Harvard university indicated that women taking food from whole grains had a 49% lower chance of gaining weight as compared to those taking food made from white flour.

Less Risk Of Developing Metabolic Syndrome

Latest studies have shown a clear link between intake of food made from refined grains and the likely hood of developing metabolic syndrome. The studies found that the risk was 141% for people taking such food but 38% lower for people taking food made from whole grain flour.

Less Risk of Developing Diabetes Type 2

A 8 year study carried out on 41,186 black women recorded a 31% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes for whole grain flour users.

Reduced Risk of Cancer

Bran has been associated with accelerating estrogen metabolism which is a known promoter of breast cancer.

Crucial in prevention of gallstones

This is due to the fiber rich content of whole grains.

Good for general health.

In additional to all these whole grain wheat flour is rich in various vitamins and minerals important for general body health it is also rich in energy to keep you going.

Danny White