Things to Do if You Constantly Get Ill and Why You Need to Use Big Berkey Water Filter at Home

 Things to Do if You Constantly Get Ill and Why You Need to Use Big Berkey Water Filter at Home

The last thing you want to happen is to get ill. Now that we’re fighting a pandemic, you have even more reasons to stay healthy. Hospitals are at capacity, and you might not receive adequate care. You also don’t know the type of illness that could hit you. Even if you survive it, there might be lifelong consequences that you wouldn’t want to face. Staying healthy should be a priority. If you keep getting ill, it’s even worse. There might be something wrong with your body, and you have to change your lifestyle. Start by drinking plenty of water. It’s not true that you should only have eight glasses of water a day. The amount depends on your body type, age, and underlying conditions. You might need more in certain instances. It will help if you use the big Berkey water filter at home. It guarantees access to clean drinking water.

Dehydration can be fatal if not treated immediately. If your drinking water isn’t clean, it could also lead to waterborne illnesses. Hence, it makes sense to invest in a water filter. Apart from using it, these are other health tips you need to consider to stay away from an illness.

Have a balanced diet

Make sure that you watch what you eat. There’s no need to follow a diet fad or completely remove some foods on your diet. It’s more important to look at the nutrients contained in what you eat. You must have a balanced meal. It should be rich in green, leafy vegetables. Reduce salt and sugar intake. Look for foods that can help boost the immune system. You may also consult with a nutritionist to receive the best advice on staying healthy.

Always exercise

It doesn’t matter if you’re always at home. If you need to quarantine to prevent getting infected, it’s okay. Being at home doesn’t give you an excuse to avoid doing exercises. With fitness video tutorials available, you can exercise even at home. Try to keep moving even while you’re in a quarantine mode. It’s not only about weight loss. The lack of physical activity could also pose a health risk.

Get plenty of sleep

Sure, you’re too busy with work and other chores. However, it’s not an excuse to stay up all night. You need to sleep for at least eight hours. Your body undergoes cell repair while you sleep. You also have to regain the lost energy. You might feel weak and eventually fall ill if you don’t receive enough sleep.

Let go of your vices

Vices can hurt you. They’re unhealthy and could pose significant risks. Cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol are among them. They don’t contain any nutrients. Besides, if you’re too stressed out, there are other ways to deal with the problem. Smoking and drinking aren’t the best solutions. The repeated illness could be due to your vices. The disease might even worsen if not treated immediately and if you don’t stop your vices.

See a doctor

You should see your doctor if you keep getting ill for no reason. It’s even worse if you already took medicines, but you’re still always sick. It would help if you underwent tests to find out what’s wrong with you. Don’t hesitate to meet with your health care provider. Even if you receive terrible news, it’s okay. You would rather know the truth now and get treatment than wait until things worsen before doing something.

Take vitamin C

You need vitamin C to boost your immune system. It helps keep you away from illnesses. Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of this vitamin. If you can’t get them from food, there are supplements you can try. However, be careful since not all supplements are worth it. Some of them didn’t receive FDA approval and might contain unwanted and toxic ingredients.

Take care of your mental health

You might get sick not only for physical reasons but for mental health issues too. Your emotional problems can take a toll on your health. Therefore, you must take good care of your mental health. Share with someone if you have problems. Don’t keep your feelings to yourself. Learn how to say no if you can no longer take the issues you face. Take a break and unwind for a while. Everything else can wait. Once your mental health is on the line, everything else will be adversely affected.

Change your lifestyle and learn how to let go of stress. Observe the changes in your body. You will realize that you no longer become sick often. Sometimes, you just need a break from the world to get back on your feet.

Wash your hands and be hygienic

Proper hygiene also plays a role in your health. Always wash your hands and bathe regularly. Brush your tweet before and after meals. There are times when you’re too busy, or you feel lazy. Despite how you feel, you should continue observing proper hygiene. Otherwise, you will become sick.

Stop taking meds your doctor didn’t advice

If you tend to self-medicate, you have to stop doing it. Your doctor should be the only person telling you which medicine to take. You’re hurting your body with unnecessary medicine. Even if it’s the right one, you’re not taking the right dosage at the right time. Unless your doctor tells you it’s okay, you have to stop taking it. You might even be under a different medication, and the extra pills you’re taking have a counter effect.

Try these changes and see if you get better. Hopefully, you don’t have recurring illnesses anymore. Make an appointment with your doctor if you still get sick despite these lifestyle changes. You might be suffering from a more serious health condition, and it requires intense treatment. Even if it’s true, you shouldn’t stress out. Relax and hope for the best. You will be okay again.

Paul Watson