3 Easy Ways to Achieve Workplace Wellbeing

 3 Easy Ways to Achieve Workplace Wellbeing

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Wellbeing was, Wellbeing is, Wellbeing will always be the key component for a successful workplace.

Wellbeing assures profitability too. Every organization works to generate good revenue throughout the year. Apart from time and effort, workplace wellbeing majorly helps a company stay profitable. Well, do you know who suffers the most in this whole process? None other than “employees”! They are the ones who are flooded with multiple projects, goals, deadlines and the list just continues……..

Sorry to say but companies who don’t contribute to employee wellbeing can never achieve workplace wellbeing as well. Having said that, let’s now talk about the real meaning of employee wellbeing? No, it isn’t allowing them an extra leave! Employee wellbeing is when an employee feels both mentally and physically happy about their relationship with the company.

So, here are the 3 ways to improve wellbeing not just for the employees but for all!

  1. Identify Problems/Issues

Over 20% of employees spend more than 5 hours per week worrying. It is really easy to chant- “Leave your personal life at the office door” but not that easy to practice. Hence, the primary duty of an HR manager is knowing what is bothering them! And if an organization overlooks its stressed employees, then mark these words- they won’t be their most productive self!!

If it seems time-consuming, then rely on HR and payroll software. Such software will help managers to schedule one on one meetings, send achievement-based messages, etc. All these will break the barrier between employees and employers, allowing them to know, talk and find solutions for any and every concern.

  1. Reduce Employee Burnout

After stress, this is the most common challenge faced by employees. Employee burnout is an obstacle to productivity. Hence, it should be reduced or tackled as soon as possible. There are multiple ways to cut down this problem including training, recognition, compensation and many more.

But in our opinion, companies should never let employee burnout happen. Hence, just invest in HR software and take all the necessary measures in advance to avoid such a situation. Software such as HROne factors in mood tracking feature allowing employees to submit their moods daily, that too anonymously. This way managers can figure out if employees are being overburdened or not. If not, they can talk to them, or boost their morale by badging or rewarding- now that sounds easy, isn’t it?

  1. Ensure Engagement

At times, employees also feel lonely that can majorly affect their work. If employees do not feel connected, it can lead to reduced productivity and engagement. So, any solution? HR software is the ultimate medium to ensure employee-to-employee engagement in your company!!

Make sure you choose an all-in-one software such as HROne as it offers multiple features. Most importantly, it also factors in the chat option to bring the team together and badging to build a positive relationship.

Hence proved,

Employee Wellbeing= Workplace Wellbeing

So, work together to make your work atmosphere a definite contributor to well being!

Clare Louise

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