4 Models That Are Considered The Best Ceiling Fans In India

Are you thinking about getting new ceiling fans or replacing the old ceiling fans from your home? If yes, then ditch those plain, boring fans with outdated technology and aesthetics this time and replace them with the new-age models. With the ever-changing environment and rapidly increasing knowledge about design and technology in every sector, the options you get to choose from in something as simple as a ceiling fan are endless! Be it any season, turning on the fan for cool air or just better ventilation in the area is always a great idea. Because there are too many options to choose from these days concerning aesthetics, fan speed, energy and power-saving, technology, etc., we have come up with this basic guide to walk you through some models considered to be the best ceiling fans in India. 

There are many factors to consider when looking to buy a new ceiling fan for your home. Factors like features, budgets, warranty, and reviews play a major role in deciding the efficacy of fans. Reputed brand like Luminous offer a great variety of fans that may fulfil all your requirements in a ceiling fan and more! So without any further delay, let’s dive in and check out some of the best ceiling fans available in India:

  • Jaipur Ghoomar Abu Black 1.2M (1200MM)

This fan adds a great touch to the house. This ceiling fan is perfect for many homes as it is aesthetically beautiful and being BEE 3* rated, it saves energy upto 40% than a standard fan. The opulent and extravagant designs of the fan in this range truly epitomize the rich culture and vibrant history of this illustrious city.

Image Source: Luminous


  • Artistically crafted motor design with traditional Indian filigree art
  • Wider blades for better air thrust
  • Intricate filigree on blade through the advanced technique of foil transfer
  • Air Delivery (CMM): 235, Speed (RPM): 350, Power consumption: 47 W

  • London Big Ben British Beige 1.2M (1200MM)

This fan gives a great look and lifts the room it is placed in instantly. It has a built-in LED light with a dimmer to control the amounts of lighting reaching different parts of the room perfectly and is managed by remote control, making it very user friendly. It is a high-speed fan that regulates air delivery well. 

Image Source: Luminous


  • Air Delivery (CMM)- 230
  • Speed (RPM)- 350
  • Power consumption- 80W (with light)

  • Audie Metallic Vulcan Grey 1.2M (1200MM)

This ceiling fan can be a great addition to your living room or bedroom as it has very sharp looks and aesthetics. It also provides a strong motor and wider blades compared to other fans for ample breeze and air circulation. This fan is also available in 15 colours.

Image Source: Luminous


  • Air Delivery (CMM)- 230
  • Speed (RPM)- 380
  • Power consumption- 78W

  • New York Tiffany Alice White 1.2M (1200MM)

This fan has extraordinary features, including an extremely efficient energy-saving system that uses about 50% of normal fans’ power. It also has wider blades for better air thrust and is a part of the whisper series from the company. Additionally, it has a very calming and unique look. 

Image Source: Luminous


  • Air Delivery (CMM)- 230
  • Speed (RPM)- 330
  • Power consumption- 35W
  • Noise- 55dB

Brands like Luminous offer a great variety of ceiling fans to fit and satisfy every homeowner’s specific needs. So, head to their website and get your hands on the fan that suits you best! The wide range and models of ceiling fans available have completely changed the dynamic of this industry.

Daniel Donny