4 Things To Consider Before Moving to the Country

 4 Things To Consider Before Moving to the Country

If the hectic, unrelenting pace of urban life has become too much, you may start entertaining fantasies of leaving it all behind and moving to a simpler life in the country. But is this really a good idea, or are you just imagining pastures that are much greener than they are in reality?

Moving to the country offers a lot of potential advantages. However, the reality almost certainly will not live up to your fantasies. You may find that life in the country is better in some respects, but it may not necessarily be simpler. Before you start looking at Hoggs Hollow homes for sale, read the following guide to learn more about the realities of country living.

1. Transportation

Depending on how far out you move, the roads may not be paved, and the snow plowing services may often be delayed. Getting around effectively when road conditions are less than ideal requires transportation that is both rugged and reliable.

2. Access to Services

As you’re first thinking about making the move out to the country, you’re probably thinking only of the good life. However, you will inevitably go through some bad times as well, and you need to think of these and make plans for them before moving. For example, in case you or a member of your family has a medical emergency, you need to know how far away the nearest hospital is and find out how long it will take an ambulance to reach you.

3. Availability of Utilities

For many people, the trade-off involved in moving out to the country is that utilities may not be available, reliable, or present in the form that you expect. Instead of city water and sewer, you may rely on a well and a septic tank. Cell service may be spotty, so you may require a landline telephone. Internet service may be slow or nonexistent. Electricity may go out every time there’s a storm. You need to decide which utilities you regard as essentials and which are luxuries that you can live without if necessary.

4. Costs

In some respects, country living can be much less expensive than city living. Your money tends to go a long way when buying rural real estate. However, the upkeep and maintenance of a larger property can be more expensive, potentially eating away at your savings. You will need to budget carefully to compensate when determining what you can afford.

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