5 Decoration Tips for Your Home Music Studio

 5 Decoration Tips for Your Home Music Studio

You finally have that home music studio you always wanted. Maybe you had some professionals remake a room you didn’t use. Maybe you took on the work of soundproofing the room yourself.

Now that studio exists, though, you must turn your attention to music studio decorations. Plain floors and walls just won’t cut it when you show off the space to your music friends. You need some extras in there that add a bit of comfort, a bit of interest, and a bit of visual flair.

Not sure what your studio needs in terms of music decor? Keep reading for five tips for music studio decorations.

  1. Rugs and Wall Coverings

Rugs and wall coverings are a classic choice for home music studios. On the decorative side, you can use them to express your personal heritage or just add a little color to the room.

On the practical side, rugs and wall coverings help reduce additional noises and echoes in the studio. This leaves you with better, clearer tracks.

  1. Instruments as Music Decorations

Every serious and even semi-serious musician accumulates instruments. Sometimes, you upgrade from an inexpensive beginner’s instrument. Sometimes, you must replace an instrument that suffers some damage.

You can use these older or damaged instruments to give your studio some visual flair without adding to your overall costs.

  1. Get a Good Chair

Every music studio needs at least one good chair. That means a chair that offers you both comfort and lower back support. After all, you will likely spend hours in that chair when you switch from recording to editing and mastering.

  1. Paint

If you’re on a budget, you can give your music studio a hip look with little more than a couple of cans of paint, some painter’s tape, and a roller. You can use the painter’s tape to create any number of designs on the wall, from city skylines to musical notes.

  1. Wall Decor

Don’t go overboard with the wall decor, since it can create reflective surfaces. Instead, focus on a few framed pieces that mean something to you. For example, you could put up signed music memorabilia, band posters, or even a homemade gold album.

These let you express both your personal style and your musical interests.

Getting Your Home Music Studio Look Right

Getting the right look in your home music studio doesn’t happen by accident. Before you add any music decorations to the room, sit down and think about the look you want.

Develop a plan for the room that includes everything from paint and rugs to chairs and signed photos. Creating the plan lets you consider whether each element will add or detract from the overall aesthetic of your studio. Once you’re confident the plan reflects the style you want, then start the studio decoration process.

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Paul Petersen