5 industrial cleaning tips for a productive facility

 5 industrial cleaning tips for a productive facility

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new light was shed on cleaning industrial facilities. Currently, there is a need to limit the spread of the virus, which is why more and more business owners opt for using industrial cleaning supplies to comply with the industry’s highest standards.

If you too own a business and look for ways to keep your employees safe, this article is for you. Our experts share next the top 5 industrial cleaning tips for a productive facility. Let’s see what you need to do starting today!

#1 Create A Cleaning Plan And Schedule

One of the most important industrial cleaning tips you can receive is to create a cleaning plan. It would be best if you started by listing all the areas in your facility that require daily cleaning. Make sure you focus on high-touch areas and don’t ignore the importance of smaller items such as door handles.

Include in your schedule the frequency of cleaning practices and the personnel designated for the activity. All machines must have a regular cleaning schedule and need to be disinfected with industrial cleaning supplies. 

#2 Offer Access To Industrial Cleaning Supplies

Even though this might sound like common sense, you should do your best to offer smooth and rapid access to cleaning supplies for all your employees. Your team is the one who will touch all the equipment, products, and several other areas on the production floor.

Offer an outline for all your team members on behaving inside the facility and cleaning the surfaces they used. It can be a good idea to offer them gloves to wear for specific tasks.

#3 Use The Power Of Example And Make Cleaning A Daily Habit

Developing a cleaning culture is key for any facility. And you can achieve this by training all your team members on how to use industrial cleaning supplies for the best results. Encouraging your staff to clean daily can make your facility productive and safe.

Even though you might have a designated cleaning crew, your employees must be involved in the process, too. Therefore, ensure they are informed at all times concerning your business’ approach to cleaning.

#4 Ensure A Clean And Clear Floor

Most injuries reported in large facilities happen due to slips and falls caused by improper waste disposal or spills. Hence, an essential industrial cleaning tip for a productive facility is to make sure the floor is clean and clear at all times.

You can increase staff efficiency by encouraging them to keep everything in place. For example, train them on how to remove spills or how to manage waste disposal correctly. Also, share with your team the best approaches to using industrial cleaning supplies to ensure a clean and clear floor.

#5 Don’t Compromise On Cleaning Products Quality

Lastly, but not least important, you shouldn’t choose the cheapest cleaning products on the market. If you aim to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria effectively, you should always use qualitative industrial cleaning supplies. These products are designed specifically for facilities with high traffic areas.

The Bottom Line

These are the 5 industrial cleaning tips for a productive facility. You can start implementing those today for the best company culture. In addition, focusing on the best cleaning practices will keep your employees safe and happy. 

Daniel Donny