5 Reasons Why Marriage Retreats Are Big Help to Couples

 5 Reasons Why Marriage Retreats Are Big Help to Couples

Whoever said marriage is easy, probably wasn’t married for too long. A marriage is a commitment and there is a certain amount of hard work that comes along with that commitment. Humans are all unique, and as much as you think you know or align with your partner, life has other plans. People learn people grow, and couples certainly can grow apart. But that is part of the journey as well, and something to run towards not away from. Below are our top 5 reasons why a couple’s marriage retreat is not as scary as it sounds and can be a big help for couples.

#1 You Understand Your Love for Your Spouse

Let’s just start right at the ‘heart’ of it, you love your wife/husband, can’t imagine a life without them, and would do whatever it takes to make it work. We can of course describe specific reasons for attending a retreat such as addressing a possible divorce, dealing with infidelity, a lack of emotional or physical intimacy. But the number one focus for any couple considering attending a couple’s marriage retreat is because you love each other! There is absolute power in that – the fact that you both took the time to be disciplined in learning how to improve your marriage one step and one discussion at a time, is a major takeaway from attending a couple’s retreat.

#2 Time Away to Reconnect

A marriage retreat can essentially be your next vacation and will probably be the best reset button you have both had in a long time. Breakaway from ‘regular’ life and spend some uninterrupted time to reconnect and be reminded of why you fell in love in the first place. Life moves fast, people get busy and it’s easy to drift apart. Let a retreat do the heavy lifting of cooking and cleaning, while you both spend time relaxing, and revitalizing your relationship.

#3 It’s an Opportunity to Heal

Perhaps your marriage needs more than just quality time together. Perhaps there are some real issues affecting your marriage. A potential divorce, infidelity, empty nest syndrome, or a lack of connection, are all common and can lead to very real challenges. A marriage retreat provides a safe environment to address these sensitive issues. The biggest difference between a retreat and a typical counseling session is that you are taught valuable communication skills by trained professionals rather than just being told.

#4 Learn from the Pro’s and Others Like Yourself

One very important piece of a marriage retreat is the ability to put one’s own problems and challenges into perspective. Whether you were just recently married or have been together for 20 years, there is always something to learn about your partner and your marriage. A retreat will give you the opportunity to learn from the other couples that you meet at the retreat. A retreat also provides opportunities to match personal interactions with being coached by trained professionals who care about you and who understand the pain in your relationships.

#5 Learn Long-Term Solutions in a Short Amount of Time

All marriage counseling is essentially good marriage counseling – something is better than nothing. But the experience of a weekly 1-hour session, to then just return right back to the problems for the rest of the week, oftentimes leads to underwhelming results and a resistance to continue. With an intensive retreat, results come quicker, and couples often learn more valuable and long-term skills to take with them when they leave. These two valuable results when combined lead to an increased opportunity for extended marriage health and longevity.

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Paul Watson