A Helping Hand for Kisans in the Digital Era

 A Helping Hand for Kisans in the Digital Era

Recent years saw a boom of technological advancement around the world. Making it almost impossible for people to remain untouched by this progress. The age became digital and many of the tasks could be done digitally like money transfer, e-commerce, applying for any policies or schemes, etc. Our country, too, progressed a lot in these years and technological advancement spread throughout. It is known to everyone that India is a land of farmers with a major population still in the agriculture sector. Today there exists an app for almost every task that is digitally possible. There even exists a farmers app that helps out farmers with agricultural activities. With every progress focused on making our lives easier, there are few tools available in the digital world that can help farmers.

When it comes to agriculture, there are many things one must keep in mind and perform at the right time to yield quality crops. There are many hardships as well as unprecedented problems to look out for. Most of the farmers own cattle to provide dairy. Some sell it outside while some consume the milk themselves. When we say there’s an app that helps farmers, here’s what we mean – The app provides useful information on different topics. Farmers can educate themselves on crop safety, organic farming, poultry farming and even get to know of any kisan yojana available for them. They can use this information to yield better results in the field. A lot of information is available regarding various types of animal farming ranging from goat farming to fish farming. Practicing this can prove to be a source of additional revenue for the farmers. Another important piece of information farmers get here is that of weather. Live local weather forecasts are shown in this app which can help farmers decide the optimum time for sowing seeds.

The apps can also be used for selling and buying purposes. Farmers can buy or sell cattle using this app from what is referred to as – digital pashu mandi. Not only cattle but here can buy fertilizer, seeds, pesticides, etc. directly from the seller. It even offers the feature of a farmers’ market i.e. Kisan mandi where one can buy from a variety of agricultural products. Even tractors, machinery and tools needed for farming can be bought from this app. All these features and products make it a one-stop destination for all farmers.

Another feature of the apps is communication. Connect with your village’s farmers. This app is called Krishify. It is one of the biggest farming communities in our country. The app does not charge any commission making it one of the best options for buying and selling anything. The poultry and dairy industry mostly depends on these farmers. Even today when most of the people in our country practice farming, this app can be of big help to the farmers and help them save their time and effort.