Adhesive Tape: Types And Uses

 Adhesive Tape: Types And Uses

The tape is one of the most commonly used materials in disposable nursing and one of the essential elements that should not be missed in a first aid kit. Even coming out of a purely professional field, the tape is one of the elements that we use the most in our own homes.

What Is Tape Used For?

Its definition is straightforward, a resistant tissue material composed, on the one hand, of an adhesive side used to hold bandages or gauze to the skin, immobilize an area or exert pressure, and on the other side, different non-adherent materials.

It is used to hold the bandage of small wounds or frequent injuries; hence it is one of the basics in any first aid kit since it is used in most basic nursing cures. It can also be used to immobilize an area, such as in wrist or ankle sprains, as gauze or bandages may not be enough to exert the necessary pressure.

History Of Plaster

The word plaster comes from the Old Italian spa radrappo, formed by the words spa rare, which means to split in half, and drappo, which is cloth or cloth (the word rag also comes from here).

It was created in the 20th century and was a significant step in wound healing, since before, various methods were used to protect wounds such as beeswax, mud, water, or applying cotton cloths on the wound. Since its invention, it has evolved, improving the skin problems that it produced, since, in the beginning, the adhesive was obtained from zinc oxide. Today they are very gentle on the skin and are made of flexible and hypoallergenic materials.

Types Of Plaster

As we discussed, since its invention, the adhesive tape has evolved, currently creating a wide variety of plasters to adapt to the type of treatment to be performed or to the different kinds of the skin of the patient.

  • Fabric Plasters
  • Paper Plasters
  • Silk Plasters
  • Plastic Plasters
  • Sports Plasters

As mentioned above, the invention of plasters is a big move in the medical industry because it enhances wound healing. Many online medical stores have these plasters for sale with other medical equipment like KARL STORZ light sources, an essential tool used by health experts.

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