Benefits of Using Shower Filters Like the Berkey Shower Filter

 Benefits of Using Shower Filters Like the Berkey Shower Filter

You might not realize the value of having a shower filter. You trust that the water coming out of your shower is safe enough. The truth is that you probably have to invest in a quality shower filter like the Berkey shower filter. If you want to feel safe when bathing, you need it. These are the other reasons why you should buy a new shower filter.  For more information on Berkey shower filters, visit the official USA Berkey website.

Your water source might be contaminated

If you notice that the water coming out of your shower has a weird color or terrible smell, it’s a sign of contamination. You can act on the problem right away by asking an expert to come over and check it. However, not all contaminants are visible. Your running water might be clear, but it already contains bacteria. The only way to prevent it from infecting you is by using a shower filter. It helps remove unwanted organisms from the water source. You will feel cleaner and safer when you bathe.

Bacteria can reside in the showerhead

Even if your water source is clean, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a filter anymore. Bacteria could reside in the showerhead. Millions of organisms could pile up in the showerhead and cause health risks. Without the filter, you allow these organisms to drip in your body. You’re risking your health in the process.

You want to avoid the chemicals 

Some water sources are treated so that bacteria and other harmful organisms are killed. The problem is that chlorine is used for the treatment. It’s generally safe since the amount is quite small. However, since you use the shower each day, it could adversely affect your skin. The presence of chorine could be harmful to your skin since it may cause irritation. It’s easier for you to have dry skin due to constant exposure to chlorine. You will also form wrinkles that make you look older than your age. It does the same to your hair. Your hair will be dry and frizzy. It’s difficult to fix and you will leave your house with bad hair. If you don’t want to face these problems, a shower filter is necessary.

You can inhale chlorine

The presence of chlorine in a water source is necessary to keep it clean. Even drinking water may contain chlorine. There’s a certain amount of chlorine allowed in water sources since it’s a poisonous chemical. Most people are only concerned about the presence of chlorine in drinking water without realizing that it’s even worse for water coming out of the shower. The problem with chlorine in the shower is that there’s steam. When water evaporates, chlorine does the same. Therefore, it’s easier for you to inhale chlorine from the shower than from drinking water. Another risk is that when you open your mouth while rinsing, you run the risk of drinking the contaminated water. The only way to prevent it is by using a shower filter.

Chlorine may lower your immune system’s strength

The issue related to chlorine isn’t over yet. Another reason why you need to use a filter is that inhaling chlorine could lead to fatigue and depression. The chemical messes up with your brain. When the immune system is weak, it becomes more difficult for your body to ward off bacteria and viruses. Considering that we’re facing a pandemic, you can’t afford to have a weak immune system. Inhaling the chlorine may also weaken the lungs. Constant exposure could lead to lung cancer.

It’s risky for pregnant women to bathe without a filter

If there are risks for young and healthy individuals, it’s even worse for pregnant women. Chlorine inhalation could risk both the mother and the fetus. It may lead to complications during pregnancy. There could be birth defects and even stillbirth as a result. Pregnant women are already vulnerable for several reasons, and exposure to chlorine will only worsen things.

There are already too many toxic chemicals around us 

The presence of chlorine in water sources is tolerated by the government because it’s only in small quantities. Besides, the body is deemed capable of filtering chlorine. Since it kills more harmful bacteria, its presence is acceptable. However, if you’re already exposed to a lot of toxic chemicals around you, it’s best to at least reduce the exposure. The air you breathe when you’re outdoors isn’t safe given the pollutants present in the air. Even the food your water may also contain chemicals. There’s a potential of exposure to up to 75,000 pollutants if you live in an industrialized society. If you don’t want to have more exposure while bathing, you need a shower filter.

It’s worth the price

Given all these benefits, you need to consider purchasing a shower filter right now. Don’t wait until you get infected before doing something about it. Start by comparing the price of the available options. You should also include the installation cost in determining which model you are going to buy. The good thing is that shower filters are designed to last a long time. You might have to replace the cartridges often, but you won’t spend a lot.

Notice the difference in your experience when bathing after installing a shower filter. You won’t fear the presence of chlorine and other contaminants anymore. You may also read reviews if you have no idea which specific filter model to choose.

Final thoughts 

Given the number of people getting ill these days, you have to invest more in things that will keep you safe. Even if you need to spend money on these bathroom accessories if they will ensure that you’re clean and safe, they’re worth buying.

Apart from shower filters, you also have to consider filters for your drinking water. You don’t want to suffer from the toxic chemicals present in the water sources. The filters are capable of drastically reducing the percentage of contaminants and you need it. You can also ask for a specialist to analyze your water source so you will know exactly which type of filter you need.

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