Choose The Smartest Solutions for most effective SEO and SME Options

 Choose The Smartest Solutions for most effective SEO and SME Options

Digitization of an SME company is very profitable. And nearly two-thirds of Dutch SME entrepreneurs believe that keeping up with digital developments is essential for growth. But almost half are not sure how to use digital applications to grow their business. This is evident from a recent survey among 1,023 Dutch SME entrepreneurs. In this blog you can read what the main reasons for digitization are for SMEs. And which tools SMEs use the most.

Unknown makes unloved

Entrepreneurs in the ICT sector (83%) and in business services (78%) in particular recognize the importance of digitizing their SMEs. This is followed by entrepreneurs in the retail sector (71%). In the construction and logistics sector 33% of entrepreneurs feel this urgency. Not every SME entrepreneur directly endorses the importance of digitization for the growth of their company. This is mainly due to a lack of insight into how they can best use digital applications to grow.

Digitization battle

The recent survey also shows that in the past two years, 60% of Dutch SMEs have invested in digital developments. And 35% of the respondents expect to invest more in this in the coming year. This reflects the idea that a large part of Dutch SMEs is engaged in digitization. Despite the fact that they are not always immediately aware of why and how they can best boost digitization within their company.

This is mainly because SME entrepreneurs often do not yet have a complete overview of which digital applications there are exactly. And which ones are the most suitable for growing their business. However, this requires a long-term vision, also because the results of digitization are not always immediately visible. And a long-term vision of digitization often falls short for smaller companies because entrepreneurship itself already consumes so much time.

Ten reasons to digitize

However, digitization offers so many benefits for many SMEs. Therefore, the reasons for working digitally at a glance:

  • The information you collect about your customers, for example, is more accessible to the employees in your company. More people within your company know more and better for which customers you are working. So you can sell more focused.
  • It is easier to exchange information about customers, but also about the results of, for example, marketing campaigns or the state of affairs of the company. This allows you to respond faster to new developments.
  • Especially the mutual sharing of large amounts of information is easier. Files, reports, overviews: at the touch of a button they end up on the computer of the colleague who can continue with them.
  • Analyzing the information is easier. Figures about expenditure on marketing campaigns, purchases and sales and the overall ins and outs of the company are more transparent through the use of diagrams and graphs.

An important theme that customers are also increasingly asking for: working digitally is better for the environment. You avoid unnecessary amounts of paper, long car journeys to meet up or too many purchased products that you ultimately cannot sell.



Paul Petersen