Cool things you can find at an estate sale

 Cool things you can find at an estate sale

When someone passes away, and they have a lot of items that are left in their possession that were not claimed by family or given somewhere in a will, most of the time an estate sale will happen. This estate sale will help the family pay for any funeral expenses, pay off debts, or earn extra cash.

If you’re into finding cool items that you can flip for resale, an estate sale is a good place to look. Some pawnshop and thrift shop owners are known to search estate sales to find their inventory.

So, what things can you find at an estate sale?

Coins –

Coins seem a bit crazy to purchase but they are worth a lot of money. You’ll want to do your research before you purchase any ol’ coin and try to resell it but the most common are coins that were made as 10 cent pieces between 1917-1945. On eBay, these coins can go for as much as $3,000 dollars!

Memorabilia –

Another item that yields a high return is sports or celebrity memorabilia. If you can find baseball cards, uniforms, signed balls, or other celebrity or sports memorabilia, you can resell it for a few thousand dollars.

Estate Jewelry

Any form of jewelry can be sold for as much as the piece is appraised. Of course, the gems need to be real and not fake for you to make any money off the sale.

Note – be on the lookout for turquoise and coral jewelry pieces as some of those can go upward on eBay or Amazon for $6,000.

Vintage designer clothes –

If you know the person was into fashion, take a look at their clothes to see if you can find any vintage designer pieces that you can resell. A vintage Birkin that’s in good shape can give you a few thousand dollars and even vintage designers like Chanel, Gucci, or Hermes.

Danny White