Day out in Malta – The Blue Lagoon

 Day out in Malta – The Blue Lagoon


The famous Blue Lagoon (Blue Lagoon) is one of the essential places that you cannot miss on your trip to Malta. Once there you will realize why: it is a true postcard, a paradise of white sand banks and transparent turquoise waters, where taking a bath becomes a pleasure. It is located between the small island of Comino and the islet of Cominotto. One of the favorite activities of tourists is diving or scuba diving , due to the rich underwater life of the island, and because of the transparency and warmth of its waters. The charter hire options are there as well. You will find sites like available online. Choose any one of them according to your budget and go for it now.

The real Solutions

In reality, the Blue Lagoon is a natural pool with clean and little polluted waters, ideal for bathing safely. We advise you to go in the middle season – in July, and especially August, it fills with tourists and they cannot fully enjoy the place, as it is full of umbrellas and people sunbathing on deckchairs -. If you have no choice but to go in the middle of summer, go early in the morning or after 4 in the afternoon, and you will be more relaxed.

Take advantage of the trip to the Blue Lagoon to visit the island of Comino, which is not very big (only 3.5 km2). There they have the Bay of San Nicolás and the Bay of Santa María , with beautiful beaches with transparent waters . They can also do small hiking routes (the best time is in spring, when it is not very hot yet) of an hour or less through the bays, or 4 hours throughout the island. And of course we advise you to take a boat tour of the most interesting caves: Cueva de Santa María , ideal for diving enthusiasts, and Cueva de Cristal , just a few minutes by boat from the Blue Lagoon.

Bathing in the transparent waters of the Blue Lagoon of Malta is a real pleasure.

Where to eat at Blue Lagoon

In the Blue Lagoon they have several possibilities to eat. The best, in our opinion, is that they bring their food and that they sit in front of the sea, away from the crowds, to enjoy this natural wonder . Although they know that they have fast food stands and a restaurant in the Comino hotel.

Where to sleep at the Blue Lagoon

The island of Comino is practically uninhabited, and there are not many accommodation possibilities. They have a hotel, the Comino hotel , which is only open from April to October. It is a hotel from the 60s, four stars that is located in the bay of San Nicolás, and has two private beaches. Another accommodation option is the Santa María Bay bungalows, which are 10 minutes from the hotel. They can also stay in Malta or Gozo. This is all you need to know.

Daniel Donny