Detox Is the First Step Toward Restoring A Normal Life

 Detox Is the First Step Toward Restoring A Normal Life

When addiction to drugs and alcohol becomes a destructive force in your life, it’s time to take action. However, quitting drugs or alcohol can be difficult and can cause many physical and emotional symptoms that make it hard to maintain the effort. An effective detox program can help get you through this difficult period, so you can rebuild your life in sobriety. Detox programs in South Carolina can help you begin your journey to a productive, successful life.

Understanding Detoxification from Drugs or Alcohol

Addictive substances cause changes in an individual’s body and brain chemistry. When a person stops using the substance, the body and brain react with a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, in a process called “withdrawal.” Detox is a system of carefully monitoring individuals as they detox from alcohol or drugs, with measures to reduce symptoms and make patients more comfortable.

Common Symptoms in Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal

The type and severity of withdrawal symptoms are linked to what substance has been used. For example, quitting alcohol can lead to depression, anxiety, problems sleeping, shakiness, hallucinations and changes in heart rate and blood pressure that can be life-threatening. Quitting heroin or other opiates will cause withdrawal symptoms of muscle pain, joint pain, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, overwhelming fatigue and mood swing. Sometimes, seizures will occur. Because the symptoms can be so uncomfortable, individuals are often unable to sustain their abstinence from the addictive substance.

Measures That Can Reduce Discomfort During Detox

Detox is not the same as treatment for substance dependence. However, it is an important first step that will allow you to take advantage of treatment measures for long-term sobriety. A detox program will provide monitoring of your vital signs to ensure you get through the process safely. It may include medicine to reduce symptoms of nausea, anxiety or muscle pain. Medications can also be provided to stabilize heart rate and blood pressure. Throughout the process, trained staff will ensure a safe and supportive environment for your detox process.

Make the Decision To Restore Your Life By Entering A Detox Program

A detox program offers experienced help to support you both physically and emotionally as you go through the detoxification process. You can then be able to begin to take full advantage of the therapies in your treatment program that will help you to sustain your sobriety. Contact a facility that offer detox programs in South Carolina to learn more about the importance of detox in the treatment process that can help restore your life to normal.

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