Drawbacks of Cheap Hair Transplantation

          Drawbacks of Cheap Hair Transplantation


Cosmetic surgeries are not unknown to us and you all are aware of for what they intend to and what they demand. Cosmetic surgeries focus on improving your aesthetics and rectify your flaws which you need to change. Hair transplant is one of the most common cosmetic surgery which are been chosen by people in present times. One reason for it could be the increased prevalence of hair loss and other could be the enhanced aesthetic awareness among the people. 

Hair transplant might not have scored much numbers in the past but now it has proved its worth by providing excellent natural outcomes with maximum possible hair density. All thanks to the advancements in the field of hair transplant which has made it possible for the procedure to excel among all the management modalities of hair loss issue. 

If you are planning to undergo hair transplant then you might have heard many amazing reviews about the procedure and on other side many abhorrent stories related to the procedure. It definitely depends on the choice you make in regard to undergo the hair transplant procedure. Certain crucial decisions include the choice of the hair transplant surgeon and the hair transplant clinic. 

For cosmetic surgeries like hair transplant the most important concern is the cost of the procedure and sometimes this question overrule the thought of achieving the excellent outcomes which might make us take wrong decision of choosing a cheap hair transplant clinic. For choosing a cheap hair transplant clinic you might end up regretting throughout your life. But it is always better to learn an easy way rather than losing the valuable hair follicles getting a repair hair transplant and learn in a harder way. 

Cheaper hair transplant clinics compromise on major aspect of the hair transplant surgeries like recruiting a sub standards surgeon, staff, equipments, hygiene standards and safety protocols which not only might provide disastrous outcomes but could put you at risk of your life with some life threatening situations. Thus, it has been reiterated that never be frugal for money when it comes to your health and well being. 

Hair transplant in Jaipur is widely available but you might find best to cheap hair transplant clinics out of which you need to find the gem. It is definitely not difficult to find the best hair transplant clinic for which you have to set some priorities and criteria. It might be a tedious job to find the best but it is worth it. 

Medispa hair transplant clinic is one of the best hair transplant clinic in Jaipur and Delhi which has been well known for the excellent hair transplant outcomes. We believe in providing the world class facilities to each of our patient in order to make a memorable experience which you can cherish throughout your life and flaunt a flawless look for life time. Dr Suneet Soni is among the finest hair transplant surgeon across the country whose recognition is widespread worldwide for being an excellent surgeon. His artistic sense is his specialty which makes him unique in the crowd of many hair transplant surgeon across the country. Hair transplant cost in Jaipur definitely varies but we are the best hair restoration clinic providing the best results at an affordable cost. 

Drawbacks of cheap hair transplant

    1. No assurance of permanency of the outcomes: The hair transplant procedure provides permanent outcomes but it is assured only when the procedure is performed by an expert surgeon with judicious decision making. 
    2. No assurance of natural looking hairline: Natural looking hairline is definitely a possibility with hair transplant but it would be ensured only when the surgeon has skillful and artistic hand.
    3. No farsighted approach to tackle future hair loss: Preservation of hair follicles for future use is something which only an experienced hair transplant surgeon can figure out despite providing the maximum possible hair density in the first session. So the surgeon should have a farsighted approach to tackle future hair loss. With cheaper hair transplant clinic you cannot expect much as they use monotonous approach due to lack of in depth knowledge.
    4. Over harvesting or violation of safe area: Cheaper hair transplant clinic make you over expect from the procedure and those sub qualified surgeons overharvest the donor site with the vision of providing the high density but those extra hair grafts harvested fail to survive due to violation of safe zones. 
    5. More Damage to hair grafts: Damage to hair grafts can be more if you are planning to undergo a novice surgeon who has sub standard knowledge of the procedure.