Eco Design and the Best Idea of It

 Eco Design and the Best Idea of It

What is eco-design? Why do eco-design? What is an eco-design approach? It is a central component in the circular economy. We will see how to define eco-design and illustrate this approach with an example. We will also discuss the current challenges of eco-design, which, unlike its appearance, has some hidden economic benefits that can make a difference.

This approach in most cases leads to a better chance of innovation and better control of production costs, so read the following. Eco-design is a huge area. With the Green Exam you can now come up with the best choices. You will be aware of the probably types of question and what to answer them.

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The definition of eco-design

What is eco-design? First, it concerns the product: a good, a service or even a production system. The aim is to reduce the ecological impact linked to the manufacture and consumption of this product. Eco-design is part of a sustainable development approach and includes several stages. It is a question of taking into account the life cycle of the product in its entirety, from its conception to its recycling and its revalorization. This is why life cycle analysis as well as the choice of materials is important aspects. Eco-design is therefore also an integral part of the circular economy and is complementary to eco-design.

Today, there is no single, universal definition. Mainly because it evolves over time, but also benefits from the improvement of technical advances. The definition of eco-design can also vary depending on its context of application: industrial, political, university, etc. As far as we are concerned, we focus on an operational application of the thing that is to say during the development of the product in a company. You will know about these all, in the Green Associate Exam now.

Some definitions

There are, however, several official standards which make it possible to precisely delimit its contours.

Eco-design consists of integrating the environment from the design of a product or service, and during all stages of its life cycle. Systematic integration of environmental aspects from the design and development of products (goods and services, systems) with the aim of reducing negative environmental impacts throughout their life cycle with equivalent or better service.

There is also the official definition of Environment and Energy Management Agency as follows:

It is a preventive and innovative approach that reduces the negative impact of the product, service or building on the environment over its entire life cycle (LCA), while retaining its qualities of use.

Originally, eco-design was only intended for the product approach that is to say for the development of material products. Today, the concept has been extended to services and systems. We will also talk in another article, about the differences between eco-design and eco-design which are in fact two complementary concepts.

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