Epitalon for anti-aging, treating cancer, and circadian cycle

 Epitalon for anti-aging, treating cancer, and circadian cycle

Epitalon is made up of tiny synthetic peptides. Founded in Russia, it is primarily known for its anti-aging properties that impact the immune and reproductive systems. It was tested on rats and mice which have shown to increase their life span. Besides these, Epitalon is also used to treat cancer, infectious diseases, and DNA regulation.

The research was conducted by experimenting on mice, rats, and insects. The study showed that it is effective in increasing the life expectancy of animals and insects and also in treating circadian difficulties and some cancers.

Epitalon stimulates the secretion of the enzyme telomerase. This has an effect on the DNA. It minimizes DNA errors and prevents DNA damage. Minimizing DNA errors further prevents cellular dysfunction, cancer, aging, etc.

Epitalon Specifications

The molecular formula of this synthetic peptide is C14H22N4O9 with the sequence Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly. The molecular weight of this peptide is 390.35 g/mol. The price for a 25mg bottle of Epithalon is $79.00. However, you can buy Epitalon online only for research purposes as it is still not approved for human usage.

Possible effectiveness of Epitalon

  1. Epitalon interacts with DNA showing certain gene expressions. As a result of such interactions, it stimulates protein, IL-2, and melatonin generation. It also monitors circadian rhythm along with anti-neoplastic effects. It also activates MMP, lessens swelling, impacts immune cells, and makes the cells last long. Besides, it maintains the extracellular matrix as well as enhances the injury healing capacity.
  1. Epitalon helps in getting healthy skin. It activates fibroblasts which boosts the secretion of MMP2. This protein regulates collagen and elastin. This enhances the injury healing ability in the body as well as works in anti-aging. Epitalon prohibits the production of cell-killing enzyme apoptosis. This is why the longevity of skin cells and fibroblasts increases keeping the skin healthy.
  1. Epitalon is being studied to certify it as a cure for breast cancer, testicular cancer, and some types of leukemia. PER1 protein production in the hypothalamus causes a cancerous tumor to grow and Epitalon reduces its production. This is how it not only gradually reduces the tumor growth but also protects the body from secondary tumor growth. As a result, the side effects of radiation therapy are also minimized.
  1. As mentioned before, this peptide stimulates the secretion of melatonin. This is the hormone that monitors the sleep cycle and aging factors. The peptide mainly dominates the expression of two proteins which in turn produces melatonin. This monitors the circadian rhythm giving you a healthy lifestyle.
  1. The peptide has proven to be effective in curing an eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa. Epitalon keeps the eye structure proper and maintains healthy functioning of the retina.

Researchers are still studying the properties and uses of Epitalon. Primary tests on mice and rats have provided information and enlightening information as mentioned above. It is still not permitted for human application. Thus only licensed researchers can get access to the product.

Danny White