Erotic Massage as a Pure Pleasure

 Erotic Massage as a Pure Pleasure

If you are seeking total relaxation and satisfaction, you ought to visit Sweet Touch and feel the incredible effect of erotic massage! Sexual pleasures in life are not limited to lovemaking. Erotic massage is a special kind of pleasure that includes both the massage itself and the caresses of an intimate nature, as well as the beauty of contemplating the naked beauty of the body. High-quality erotic massage can bring pleasure no less than sex itself. However, to get an absolutely amazing effect, it is better to entrust your body to real professionals!

What is Required for Erotic Massage?

The main purpose here is not so much excitement as relaxation. This massage has a positive effect on sexual energy, harmony of feelings, helps to achieve emancipation, and better get acquainted with the erogenous zones. It awakens new sexual feelings and emotions. Erotic massage does not tolerate inconvenience. The atmosphere should be welcoming, pleasant, and relaxing. This requires a special setting. Complete peace, disconnected mobile phones, soft, dim lights, calm music, scented candles. The room should be warm so as not to be distracted and not get goosebumps. It should be noted that SweetTouch in Paris meets all these essential requirements.

How to Give a Naturiste Massage?

The intensity of movements during the massage should be “built-up” gradually. It is worth starting with gentle circular caressing touches, later moving on to warming up, even later – to energetic ones. Other movements used in erotic massage include vibration, finger massage with the tips of nails or pads, tongue and lips, and hot breath massage. A special art is a massage with your own body. It is expected that the “performer” of erotic massage is supposed to be in a nude state.

During the session, the most sensitive male places are given some special attention. These are the buttocks, inner thighs, hollows under the knees, nipples and the surrounding skin, fingers and toes, the back of the head, coccyx, the abdominal area between the navel and the pubis. Well, and, of course, other special individual zones that when touched make your body tremble with pleasure.

What are the Steps of Erotic Massage?

While performing an erotic massage, it is better to follow the right order of essential steps in order to achieve maximum satisfaction level.

  1. It is recommended to start by massaging the arms and legs.
  2. Then it is preferred to go to the back. Start with gentle strokes, then move on to more intense effects.
  3. The logical continuation is the buttocks. It is worth actively using rhythmic patting movements.
  4. The next step will be massaging the back surfaces of the legs.
  5. Now it’s time to massage the abdomen and chest. The main movements here are stroking and kissing.
  6. Massage of the genitals may be at the end.

For these zones, there are special practices that were theorized by the Taoists and professionally practiced by specialists at SweetTouch in Paris. According to modern scientists, this massage promotes blood flow to the genitals and improves their “performance”, stimulates the hormonal system, and increases testosterone production. Moreover, it has a good effect on the digestive system, and on the psyche, and on immunity, relieves muscle tension, and fatigue. This is an extremely useful way to get relaxed and improve your physical and emotional health.

Therefore, if you are willing to experience such an incredible effect of massage on you, it is highly recommended to visit SweetTouch in Paris where you can indulge in absolute pleasure!

Daniel Donny