Mamba Electric Grinder:  Marijuana Grinder For People With Arthritis

 Mamba Electric Grinder:  Marijuana Grinder For People With Arthritis

Suffering from arthritis and looking for an easy-to-use grinder?  Try the Mamba!

Arthritis and its damage to the hands affects countless people worldwide.  Not only does the condition cause great discomfort and pain, but due to the problems it causes in people’s joints, it can destroy a person’s ability to use their hands in a way that others take for granted.

It’s a widely-held belief that marijuana can help with pain and inflammation.  We’re not touting it as a cure or the best treatment for arthritis, but many people claim that using marijuana in a variety of forms has helped them experience less pain and also reduce their overall stress and anxiety.  Many countries that have now permitted recreational use of marijuana took their first steps to legalization in the form of permitting the medical use of marijuana, so there must be something to it.

Either way, that is not what this article is about.  This article is all about showcasing a product we’re very excited about: the Mamba electric grinder.  Here’s what we’ll do here:

  1. We’ll describe the Mamba and some of its innovative features;
  2. We’ll briefly touch upon the problems with other grinders that make them inaccessible to those suffering from arthritis, and;
  3. We’ll explain why the Mamba is the marijuana grinder for people with arthritis.

The Mamba Electric Grinder

The folks at Mamba have truly set out to build the best grinders in the world, and when they built the Mamba electric grinder they created a machine unlike any grinder ever before.

Able to be used with one hand and powerful enough for any buds you need to grind up, the Mamba makes grinding fun and easy.  The choice of materials provide the grinder with strength without making it cumbersome and heavy, and the ergonomics of the handle make it feel great in your hand.

Besides the arthritic theme of this article, we’re confident in saying that the Mamba electric grinder is the best choice available for anyone in need of a grinder.  Check out their site: they’re doing some pretty cool work in the world of weed grinders.

Drawbacks of Hand Grinders

The classic two-handed hand grinder has been a staple cannabis accessory for years, and there are numerous commercially-available options out there.  While we don’t want to go bash them too hard, we do think that there are enough drawbacks to these simple little devices that are worth talking about because there are many people for whom a hand grinder is the wrong tool for the job, and likely to cause unneeded frustration and pain.

First, hand grinders get their power from their user.  If you have hand pain and don’t have the strength to perform tasks like opening a stiff lid on a jar, then a hand grinder will be a difficult thing to use.  And especially for grinding marijuana: compared to other herbs and spices, weed is dense and sticky, making grinding particularly hard.

Second, hand grinders are often hard to grip due to their circular and smooth exterior surfaces.  Sure, there are hand grinders on the market that have addressed this issue, but if low grip strength and high hand pain are things you live with, these aren’t the grinders for you.  And third, two hands are needed to use a hand grinder.

We’re not saying that hand grinders don’t have their place, but with products like the Mamba electric grinder now available it is hard to justify buying hand grinders.   Plus, the price difference for a good hand grinder and a Mamba isn’t much, and the cheap hand grinders just don’t last.

The Mamba Electric Grinder for People with Arthritis

The Mamba electric grinder can be used with only one hand, and its source of power is electricity.  This makes for a grinder that takes all the effort out of grinding.  It is ergonomically designed for either left- or right-handed operation, and these features combined make for a grinder that feels tailor-made for those with arthritis.

As chronic pain conditions take their toll, it is important to take measures to find ways to improve life where possible.  If you or someone you know is using marijuana for such purposes, the Mamba electric grinder is worth looking into as a simple way to further reduce pain.