Four Reasons Why You Should Be Marketing Your Business During Covid-19

 Four Reasons Why You Should Be Marketing Your Business During Covid-19

You are probably thinking I have a lot more to worry about than marketing my small business during this pandemic. Covid-19 is scary and has shut a lot of companies down. To me, it seems like the perfect time to reassess your business and focus on ways to not only help your company survive this crisis but thrive when the economy becomes more stable.

This Guy is Crazy 

You are probably thinking to yourself this guy is crazy and doesn’t understand the responsibilities that you have, such as having to teach and take care of your kids all day plus the costs involved with marketing.

Marketing Costs 

Yes, there are costs involved in marketing your small business. However, you can offset these costs by devoting your time and energy to finding ways to grow your company during these trying times. If you have extra money great, you can hire a professional to market your company. If you don’t have the cash, then roll up your sleeves, and let’s get to work. I don’t want to hear any excuses on how you can’t devote a couple of hours a day to help your business.

Continue reading if you want to see the four reasons why you should be marketing your company during the Covid-19 quarantine.

Getting A Leg Up

Reason one would be getting a leg up on the competition. Think about if you are not currently marketing your company during the quarantine do you think your competition is. It’s the perfect time to surpass or close the gap on your major competitors.

Getting Your Voice Heard

Reason number two. Having your voice heard. I don’t mean on the phone or talking with people. I mean, with less competition, there is bound to be less clutter on the internet. You can cut through the proverbial noise more easily and find your attended audience for your products and services.

Become an Expert in Your Field 

Reason number three, with less competition, it’s easier to be seen as an expert in your field. You can join some online communities related to your industry and provide input and questions. Not only is this free publicity, but it can also help drive leads for your company.

Lower Marketing Costs 

Just like you, many marketing companies are going through the same struggles you are and have reduced pricing just to drum up business. So if you have extra coin can hire an SEO company that can help bring home the bacon now and into the future.

These are my four reasons why you should find the time or hire someone to help you not only survive but prosper into the future.

Daniel Donny

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