Healthcare apps to get you through lockdown

 Healthcare apps to get you through lockdown

Many countries have been pinned down with lockdown rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, many healthcare businesses have had to close, preventing us from visiting them when we feel unwell. In some cases, you’re having to resort to phone calls with your GP if it’s really serious. 

Luckily, the development in technology has allowed us to have access to mobile apps that can provide us with solutions and professional guidance when we need it most. Whether you’re looking for fitness tips or advice on improving your lifestyle, there will be an app out there for you.


Gaming has been a revolution for many years, so incorporating this form of entertainment into an app is always likely to build interest. Fitocracy combines gaming with fitness as it looks to motivate users to keep fit by setting them challenges to gain experience points, almost feeling like a ‘level up’ in a game. 

The app provides plenty of challenging tasks to help keep your fitness routine up and help you to track your progression, for completely free!


What you eat and drink can heavily contribute to your general lifestyle and wellbeing. With Fooducate, you’ll be able to cater the food and drinks that you enjoy to your lifestyle and what you prefer to eat.

It’ll help you to track your own nutrition grade and tailor your diet for the future too. Soon, you’ll find yourself following your ideal diet and learning more about the food and drink choices that you make. 


Your physical condition isn’t the only important thing in life. Your mental health should be well looked after, particularly during lockdown where many people would use a form of escape to get away from the troubles in their life. 

Headspace is an app that’s designed to focus on your mental health by improving your mood and wellness. There are many different meditation sessions that you can find on the app that can help you to sleep well, and relieve stress and anxiety.


If your personality consists of a little competitive nature, then Nudge might be the app for you. It connects with fitness apps such as Fitbit and Garmin to record your fitness journey and have you compete with your friends and family with your progress. The app helps to generate an overall score for the last 30 days of activity, and these scores can be seen by other members that you connect with to motivate you to increase your score.

The development of apps in the last few years and the severity of technical due diligence, healthcare apps are becoming more of a norm when it comes to acting as a guide for our overall health. With their vast intelligence and sophistication, we feel more assured that the data we’re receiving from the apps are helping us on our journey.