Hearing Amplifiers Vs Hearing Aids

 Hearing Amplifiers Vs Hearing Aids


There is often much confusion concerning the difference between hearing amplification devices and hearing aids. While both serve similar functions—helping those with hearing loss—they ultimately operate differently and serve different needs.

Here’s what you need to know about hearing aids vs. hearing amplifiers before making an investment – especially if you want to make a sound one.

Personal Hearing Amplification Devices

Also called personal sound amplifying products, PSAPs boost environmental sounds. This makes them a good choice for people who are considered hard of hearing, rather than for those with confirmed levels of permanent hearing loss.

These devices are also commonly employed as listening devices that allow one to hear noises in other rooms, as two-way communication devices and to boost the sound quality of televisions and music sources.

These are not designed to replace hearing aids, and the FDA routinely warns against consumers in need of fitted hearing devices to attempt substitution with PSAPs. Essentially, these are intended for use by individuals with predominantly normal ranges of hearing.

When to Consider Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are designed for those with mild to profound hearing loss and are custom fitted after being prescribed by a hearing professional. Those with frequency-specific hearing related issues benefit from hearing aids as they are tailor made to adjust to certain volume levels and environmental settings. While an amplifier boosts all sounds, hearing aids ease user’s experience every day, regardless of where they are.

Get Help Choosing the Right Hearing Devices

There are many resources available for those seeking hearing devices where you can undergo an examination and hearing test with an audiologist for little or no cost. Don’t take risks with guessing about hearing amplification devices, or you could cause more harm to your ears than the benefits could warrant.

Danny White